Magpul AK-47 Magazine

When you think of polymer AR-15 magazines, Magpul PMAGs are almost the universal image that comes to mind.  The company now aims to make you think “Magpul AK-47 magazine” when you need to feed your Eastern Bloc gun. I recently read an independent test in a tactical magazine that compared 5 different polymer magazines. Though […]

Cheapest Glock Magazines

“Where can I get the cheapest Glock magazines?” is one of the more common e-mails I get.  Considering how popular the pistols are, it really shouldn’t be a surprise. As you may suspect, different retailers will run specials or sales on Glock mags, so prices can and will vary.  However, for standard  magazines, I typically […]

Magpul Maglink

Magpul has become synonymous with high quality accessories and furniture for the AR-15 market. Stopping by their booth I was surrounded by familiar items, and a brand new one as well. The new Magpul Maglink, an AR-15 magazine coupler. The Maglink has the following features: Made from the same polymer material as other Magpul accessories. […]