Magpul AK-47 Magazine

Magpul AK-47 magazine

When you think of polymer AR-15 magazines, Magpul PMAGs are almost the universal image that comes to mind.  The company now aims to make you think “Magpul AK-47 magazine” when you need to feed your Eastern Bloc gun. I recently read an independent test in a tactical magazine that compared 5 different polymer magazines. Though […]

Magazine Prices Have Gone Crazy

Magazine Price

For those of you who don’t recall the magazine prices after the ’94 “assault weapons” law went into effect, prices went crazy.  Glock magazines, something I bought for about $20 apiece last summer, were selling for more than $100.  Guess what…those kinds of prices are back. Checking a once-popular web site for ammo and magazine […]

Molon Labe Industries – SCAR Magazines and More

Molon Labe SCAR Magazine

While on the flight out from Tampa, I spotted a gentleman who I suspected was a kindred spirit.  We struck up a conversation at baggage claim and I discovered he is Christopher Gleason, the president and CEO of Molon Labe Industries.

Cheapest Glock Magazines

Cheapest Glock Magazine

“Where can I get the cheapest Glock magazines?” is one of the more common e-mails I get.  Considering how popular the pistols are, it really shouldn’t be a surprise. As you may suspect, different retailers will run specials or sales on Glock mags, so prices can and will vary.  However, for standard  magazines, I typically […]

Magpul Maglink

Magpul Maglink

Magpul has become synonymous with high quality accessories and furniture for the AR-15 market. Stopping by their booth I was surrounded by familiar items, and a brand new one as well. The new Magpul Maglink, an AR-15 magazine coupler. The Maglink has the following features: Made from the same polymer material as other Magpul accessories. […]