Gun Dudes: A Podcast for the Masses

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Do you have a group of guys that you sit around with, and talk guns, crack jokes, and quote action movies?  If so, you’ll feel right at home with the Gun Dudes podcast. A lighthearted, actually fun approach to discussing firearms, the Gun Dudes are a group of guys that cover topics from concealed carry […]

Down Range Radio Podcast by Michael Bane


Long time gun writer and TV personality Michael Bane publishes a weekly podcast called Down Range Radio.  The show is a general firearms program that covers Second Amendment issues, product reviews, shooting, competition, Bane’s TV programs, and other bits of random things that may relate to music, outdoors, extreme sports, or even gang-bangers in Tampa, […]

Gun Rights Radio Network: Gun Podcasts for Everyone!

Two years ago, my wife bought me my first iPod. I soon discovered ‘podcasting’ and the wide variety of free programming offered through iTunes. One of the first programs I discovered was the Gun Rights Advocate podcast hosted by Mark Vanderberg. Podcasts, for those that don’t know, are audio (and in some cases video) files […]