Reloading Steel Cases – How To Reload Steel Case Ammo

reloading steel cases

So…is reloading steel cases possible?  Conventional wisdom says you can’t reload steel case ammo, but reality says you can. Sure, reloading brass cases are much easier, but you can reload steel cases.  That cheap Wolf 7.62×39 and the surplus 7.62x54r can both be reloaded if you take your time and add a few extra steps […]

New Hornady Reloading Tools for 2013

Hornady Light Strip

Hornady announced several new reloading products for 2013 including a new strip light for your Lock-n-Load press, a new balance beam scale and tumbling media. To me, the most interesting new product announced by Hornady for reloaders is the new light strip.  The device is a small strip of LED lights with an adhesive back. […]

New Hornady Reloading Manual

new Hornady Reloading Manual

A new Hornady reloading manual was just announced and will be available on December 1.  I’m expecting that the 9th Edition Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading will be an worthy successor in a line of excellent handloading books from the company. I bought my first manual (actually, it was a two volume set) back in […]

Redding Reloading and the .17 Hornet

Redding powder measure

Redding Reloading Equipment is now making a powder measure adapter for their competition model 10x powder measure.  The drop tube adapter allows the handloader to precisely charge .17 Hornet cases. The measure is designed to provide precise throws of 1 to 25 grains, with the “sweet spot” being at 10 grains.  The drop tube adapter […]

Portable Reloading

Lee Loader

Reloading cartridges in the field is something that has been done by hunters and partisans for as long as we have had firearms.  Modern soldiers and sportsmen have access to seemingly unlimited supplies of factory loaded ammunition, but handloading ammo while in the field is still a great skill to learn.  You never know when […]

Hornady’s Ammo Plant – Home Edition!

Hornady Lock-N- Load Ammo Plant

Hornady is known for making great ammunition and some really nice reloading tools.  The Hornady Lock-N-Load presses and prep tools are widely regarded as being of excellent quality.  As we approach the new year, Hornady announced several new reloading products including the Lock-N-Load Ammo Plant. Hornady already makes a progressive press called the Lock-N-Load AP […]

Lyman Publishes New 4th Edition Cast Bullet Handbook


Lyman introduces the first new cast bullet data manual in 30 years. It contains data using the latest and most available components for bullet casters. In addition to chronicling data for Lyman’s entire line of rifle and pistol moulds, the new 4th Edition Cast Bullet Handbook is the first with data for selected moulds from […]

RCBS Introduces Bullet Feeder for Progressive Presses


With the promise of increasing your loading rate by at least 50% on most progressive presses, RCBS has introduced a new electric bullet feeder. The feeder fits most progressive presses that use 7/8″-14 threaded dies, including the RCBS Pro 2000. Designed to work with jacketed pistol bullets only (no lead), the feeder ships with adapter […]

Barnes Buster Bullets


Barnes has introduced their new Barnes Buster line of bullets designed specifically for hog, moose, bison and bear hunting.  The Buster bullets are “heavy-for-caliber” handgun and lever gun bullets that are designed to penetrate these notoriously tough animals. The Buster line of bullets use a heavy lead core with a thick copper jacket for “minimal […]

RCBS Rotary Case Media Separator Review

Like a lot of shooters, I reload my own ammunition. Cleaning the brass before running through the sizing and seating processes is always a good idea. I’ve tried washing the cartridge cases with various cleaning products, but have always come back to tumbling with walnut and corn cob media. Separating the cases from the media […]

RCBS Introduces a High Capacity Case Trimmer for Handloading

RCBS introduced a new high capacity case trimmer for handloading and reloading. The High Capacity Case Trimmer is designed to handle big bore cases such as the .50 BMG and .416 Barrett cartridges. The trimmer comes in a small kit that includes three pilots and a case holder collet.  The collet will hold .408 CheyTac, .505 […]

New Barnes Varmint Grenade Bullets

Barnes Varmint Grenade

Barnes Bullets introduced several new bullets at the 2008 SHOT show. In the company’s very popular Varmint Grenade line, Barnes was showing the .204 caliber, 26 grain bullet for the .204 Ruger cartridge and a .224 caliber bullet in 50 grains for .223 Remington/5.56 NATO cartridges. The .204 bullets and the 50 grain .224 were […]

Barnes Reloading Manual No. 4

Barnes Reloading Manual

Jessica Brooks of Barnes Bullets Inc. announced on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk radio program that the fourth Barnes Bullets reloading manual, Barnes Reloading Manual Number 4, is set to arrive in two months. So, by April, we should see a newly updated and expanded loading manual for all of those innovative bullets Barnes has been […]