Ban Guns? No: Ban New York

We can talk about how gun bans and registration schemes have nothing to do with crime control, but I think most people reading this site are already in one camp or another.  Gun control isn’t about guns or crime, it is all about control. Ever since the Empire State (how fitting…) passed additional citizen control […]

Never Again.

Never again.   How and why so many people have forgotten, or ignore, history baffles me.

Reed Boycott Grows

The boycott of the Reed Exhibitions Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show has grown to more than 200 exhibitors according to This would amount to more than 17% of the total exhibitors having backed out of their commitment to display based on the ban on the display and sale certain type of legal firearms imposed by Reed […]

Draconian NY Gun Laws: A FAQ or Two

Things are changing in New York due to the draconian new anti-gun laws imposed on the lawful residents of the state.  The so-called “SAFE Act” mandates a lot of new requirements on law-abiding citizens while while doing nothing to curb violent crime.  However, it is very possible that you could be come a criminal by unintentionally violating […]

Major Anti-Gun Moves Made & More Coming

I hate to disrupt coverage of the 2013 SHOT Show, but our freedoms are in peril.  It is expected that later today, anti-gun Vice President Joe Biden will announce the gun control measures the administration will take and additional ones they will push for in Congress. This comes on the heels of President Obama stating […]

Ted Nugent and Guns

I’ll let Uncle Ted talk for himself.  Watch the video.

Fox News: No Second Amendment Friend

“Too many loopholes that enable people to still get guns [exist]“ It kills me when conservative and libertarian minded people state that Fox News is “on their side.”  While there may be some people employed by Fox News that hold libertarian views, the company has never shown themselves to be anything more than a New […]

News and Reviews Return on January 1

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas season.  We’ve been resting a bit, and getting ready for all of the events coming in January.  On the upside, we have the 2013 SHOT Show and all of the new guns and gear that comes with it.  We will be there getting all of the information […]

Idiots and Asshats

“What do you need a 30-clip magazine for? Not to go hunting deer. I can tell you that because I hunt deer.” Charlie Crist, former governor of Florida Dec 19, 2012, Tampa Bay Times The gun control hysteria in the media is reaching a frenzy.  The asinine statements made in print and on the air […]



I know that other websites have been reporting that Walmart is now selling AR-style rifles.  But, I didn’t realize they were advertising them also. This ad is from a sales flyer in the Sunday edition of my local paper.  Note that there is not just one, but two (!) AR15 rifles shown:  a SIG and […]

Chicago hates poor people…


Have you looked over the Chicago PD’s list of handguns that are deemed “unsafe?” Any firearm on this list will not be allowed (legally) in the city.  And, as you might imagine, some of those guns considered unsafe are real head-scratchers. Now, I totally disagree with the government deciding which guns are “safe” for me […]

McDonald v. Chicago: A Unique Perspective?


The McDonald v. Chicago decision was released on Monday.  I purposely avoided the news and other blogs so I could read the entire opinion with a fresh and open mind.  And, that is how I have written this look at McDonald. I’m sure most of the other gun blogs have gotten basics of the story […]

ATF Moves Against Gun Owners on Mexico Border

ATF logo

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE or ATF) have begun showing up on the door step of lawful gun owners in the southwest border states, asking to see their guns, record the serial numbers, and explain why they have bought the guns, according to information received by the NRA. Michael Bane reported […]