New Thompson Machine 16K 5.56 Suppressor

Thompson Machine suppressor

Thompson Machine, a Florida-based suppressor company, released a video this week showing the new 16K suppressor that will be at the 2014 SHOT Show.  The new suppressor is a relatively short suppressor, yet seems to do a credible job at attenuating the noise.

Daniel Defense ISR: Integrally Suppressed Rifle

Daniel Defense ISR

Daniel Defense has already established themselves as a first rate rifle and component manufacturer, so it was no surprise to visit their booth at SHOT Show this year and find another great design:  the Daniel Defense ISR.  The ISR, or Integrally Suppressed Rifle, was designed from the ground up to be one complete package, which […]

SilencerCo/SWR Introduces 7.62 SPECWAR Suppressor

Specwar 762 review

From SilencerCo/SWR: SILENCERCO/SWR INTRODUCES THE 7.62 SPECWAR AT THE 2013 SHOT SHOW SilencerCo / SWR is pleased to announce the launch of the 7.62 SPECWAR at the 2013 Shot Show. The SPECWAR 5.56 and 7.62 are SWR’s workhorse centerfire rifle suppressors. The Entire SWR SPECWAR line of suppressors are intended to be working cans, not safe […]

Across Florida, A Squeeeeeee Was Heard….

KRISS Suppressor

A silencer is now available for the KRISS Vector line of guns.

Suppressed Diamondback DB9, DB380

A few months back, reported that Diamondback Firearms had teamed up with Thompson Machine to make a suppressed DB380.  Now it seems they are doing the same for the DB9. American Rifleman is reporting that Diamondback is producing suppressed versions of the DB9 pistol now.  There is no mention of this on the Diamondback […]