Warrior Summit: Combat Training from 1″ to 1000 Yards

warrior summit

When someone tries to kill you, do you know how, when or where it will happen?  Not likely. Criminal attacks happen everywhere – inside the home, at the workplace, in parking lots, on the highway and in grocery stores.  They happen at close distances or from far away.  Sometimes there is motive; other times it […]

Vitals of Defense Video Training Series

Taking it to the next level, Safety Solutions Academy and the Gunfighter Cast have teamed up on a new video training series called the Vitals of Defense.  The first training video is out now, with a follow up coming soon. I could go on about how cool this video looks, but I’d suggest you just […]

Position Sul

BlueSheepdog Logo

If you are interested in the Position Sul, you may want to check out a video and article over at BlueSheepdog on the subject.  The article covers the pros and cons of the standard “low ready” and of Position Sul.  If you are not familiar with the concept, don’t worry, the article and video cover […]

LaserLyte Training Pistol

LaserLyte Trigger Tyme

LaserLyte has a new training pistol:  the Trigger Tyme.  If you read the marketing materials on the training gun, it would seem to be an ideal tool, especially for Glock shooters.  But does it live up to that description? Trigger Tyme The LaserLyte training pistol is a blue plastic training gun that approximates the size […]

TCCC for CCW Course Next Month

If you are prepared to shoot someone in self-defense, are you also ready to patch yourself up when you are injured in the confrontation?  What about a loved one who has been injured?  Chances are, you are not.  That’s where the Trauma Medicine for the CCW Operator class comes in. Dr. John Meade and Don Robison […]

Massad Ayoob – In The Gravest Extreme

“Massad Ayoob,” I said. “Who?” my friend asked. I was recently talking with a friend of mine who is getting into firearms for self defense. As things typically go when someone knows I am a cop, they will start asking me for all sorts of advice on when and how to use a gun for […]

Dry Fire Debate

Dry fire snap caps

Reading Tam’s blog this morning, I discovered that there is still a largely overblown fear of damaging firearms by dry firing a centerfire handgun.  ‘Damaging guns by dry-fire’ seems to be the gun hobby’s version of ‘I woke up in a bathtub filled with ice-water and one of my kidneys was stolen.”  While it may […]

Dry Fire Practice Works

Dry fire snap caps

Dry fire practice works. Dry firing is a form of firearms practice, where all ammunition is removed from the gun and the shooter pulls the trigger and otherwise manipulates the firearm.  The obvious advantage is no ammunition is used, so it is cheaper than going to the range.  Plus dry firing can be done in […]

Ruger Tactical Tips by Dave Spaulding

Ruger teamed up with firearm trainer Dave Spaulding to produce a series of videos called Ruger Tactical Tips.  These training videos are completely free and available on the Ruger website.  The Ruger Tactical Tips videos are several minutes in length, and will be published during the coming weeks and months.  The first video on mental […]

LaserLyte Introduces the Laser Trainer Pro


LaserLyte introduced a new training laser: the LaserLyte Laser Trainer Pro.  In a nutshell, this device adjusts to fit the barrels of most handguns.  Once inserted into the barrel, the device will flash a laser each time it “hears” the hammer fall. The idea is you would use this device while dry firing to make […]

Gun Gifts: Christmas Shopping Ideas For The Firearms Enthusiast In Your Life

Trying to figure out what to buy the gun-guy or -gal in your life for Christmas?  Here are a few ideas: Less Than $20 In the Gravest Extreme, Stressfire, and the The Gun Digest Book Of Concealed Carry are all excellent books written by Massad Ayoob.  I highly recommend each of them.  Another very good […]

Dry Fire: Improves Trigger Control and Smooths the Trigger

Dry fire snap caps

One of the best things a person can do to improve their ability to shoot a handgun is to dry fire. Dry fire practice allows you to concentrate on sight alignment and your trigger control without having to be at the range or spending money on ammunition. As they say, perfect practice makes perfect, and […]