Ruger SR9c Holsters

Ruger SR9c Holster

“What are my choices when looking for Ruger SR9c holsters?” was a recent request I got via e-mail from a reader.  Fortunately for him, and all owners of the SR9c, there are a lot of choices available.  I figured there might be other people looking for a new holster for their compact Ruger, so I compiled a small list.  Here ya go…

Leather Holsters

Classic leather holsters are now in abundance for the SR9c.  When Ruger first introduced the pistol, the choices were very limited.  Fortunately, leather workers are now making a wide range of scabbards for the gun.  Here are a few on the market.

DeSantis, an old hand at quality leather concealment holsters, offers four different scabbards for the Ruger SR9c.  They are the Mini Slide, Thumb Break Mini Slide, Mini Scabbard and Sof-Tuck.  Check them all out here.

Strangely, I could only find one traditional holster for the SR9c from Galco:  the Wraith.  However, the company offers a significant number of alternative holsters including day planner styled pouches and a nice selection of holster purses.

DeSantis Ruger SR9c Holster

This is the DeSantis Mini Scabbard, one of several SR9c holsters available from the company.

Gould & Goodrich offers eight different holster designs for the SR9c.  Among them are the #810 Inside Pants holster, the #890 Inside Trouser holster, #891 Belt Slide holster and the #892-2 Ambidextrous holster.  G&G makes it easy to find them.  Just go to their search page, click the “search by gun” box and select the SR9c.

Based in Florida, High Noon Holsters offers a lot of options for the SR9c.  High Noon Holsters makes several dozen different holsters, including the option for exotic skins.  Virtually every one is available for the Ruger SR9c.  What is also nice is the company offers an expedited service that allows a customer to pay a little extra to get their holster out the door several weeks faster than normal.

Kirkpatrick Leather Company offers no fewer than 12 leather holsters for the compact Ruger pistol.  Go to the SR9c page to see all of them, including the Texas Strong Side, Hidden Defense and Detective Carry.  They offer IWB, belt slide and shoulder holsters.

A variety of Ruger SR9c holsters are available from Mitch Rosen Extraordinary Gunleather.  Virtually all of the Mitch Rosen holsters can be made for the SR9c.  If you are looking for top end gunleather, make sure you check out Mitch Rosen.  Also, Ruger stocks a limited number of open top, belt slide Mitch Rosen holsters in their own e-store.

One of my favorite small holster shops is RKBA Holsters out of Washington state.  RKBA has always had a number of options for the SR9c.  The company offers a variety of pocket, IWB and belt slide holsters for the small Ruger.  Recently, I picked up one of the tuckable IWB’s from RKBA for another pistol, and I have been exceptionally please with it.  The prices are very reasonable, and the service is excellent.

Kydex Holsters

Comp-Tac offers several Ruger SR9c kydex holsters including the popular Infidel IWB holster.  If you are ok with a leather/kydex holster, the Minotaur line seems popular as well.  The Minotaur holsters compete against the CrossBreed and Kholster offerings (listed below).

CrossBreed Holsters offers several different holsters for the SR9c, including the original SuperTuck Deluxe.  CrossBreed also offers a limited amount of customization.  I’ve never owned a CrossBreed, but I hear good things about them.

For a tuckable holster with a great price and awesome customer service, it is hard to beat the Crescent holster from Kholster.  The Crescent for the Ruger SR9c is only $45, and it comes with free shipping and a lifetime warranty.  I’ve got one of the Kholster holsters for a full-size M&P, and I have been very happy with it.

RKBA Holsters, also mentioned above, offers an outside the waistband holster in kydex for the SR9c.  Like all of their holsters, it is well made and reasonably priced ($55 including shipping).

Wolf Concealment offers an OWB style holster for the SR9c.  According to the company, the owner developed this holster when the pistol was released specifically because he could not find a quality, comfortable holster for the gun.  So this pistol is not merely a re-hash of another product already in the company’s line.

One More Thing…

I hope this helps all of you searching for Ruger SR9c holsters.  I don’t claim that this list is complete, but it is a good jumping off point.  Please leave a comment below with additional holster suggestions, or to give us a report on how your SR9c holster is working out for you.

Galco Purse Holster for the Ruger SR9c

This Galco Classic gun purse is available for the Ruger SR9c pistol.

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