Charter Arms Old Glory

According to information I’ve been sent, Charter Arms is set to reintroduce a version of the Undercover revolver called the Old Glory. The Charter Arms Old Glory is a five shot revolver chambered for the classic .38 Special cartridge. The gun is +P rated, so full power self defense loads are perfectly fine in this handgun.

Taurus View: Clear Side Plate, 1.4″ Barrel, 9 oz

Taurus will be selling a new version of the popular model 85 revolvers in 2014 called the View.  The Taurus View is a double action only (DAO) revolver chambered for the .38 Special.  What gives this gun its name is the clear Lexan side plate that gives you a look at the internal workings of […]

The New Chiappa Poly Lite Rhino Revolver

Looking for a new polymer framed revolver?  The new Chiappa Poly Lite Rhino was recently shown to wholesalers at the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW) Expo.  The new gun is a derivation of the existing Rhino line, but with some significant differences. The PolyLite Rhino will be available only in .38 Special, not in […]

Hornady .38 Special Critical Defense Lite Ammo

For 2013, Hornady is introducing a reduced recoil .38 Special load in the Critical Defense line of ammunition.  The Critical Defense Lite is a light weight .38 load loaded to standard pressures specifically designed to minimize abuse to the shooters of small, light revolvers. Seemingly everyone carries a snub nose revolver in their pocket.  I’ve […]

Buffalo Bore .38 Special Short-Barrel Ammo

Buffalo Bore is loading .38 Special ammo specifically for short-barreled guns.  The load uses a Barnes 110 grain TAC-XP bullet, which is an all copper bullet.  The ammo uses brass cases and a low-flash powder. Until recently, snub nose revolver shooters made due with standard ammunition and the knowledge that the ammo would not be […]

Buffalo Bore .38 Special Outdoorsman Ammunition

Buffalo Bore rolled out a new .38 Special load called the Outdoorsman.  The Outdoorsman is a Keith-style, hard cast lead 158 grain semi-wadcutter bullet loaded to +P pressures.  The load is designed for deep penetration and it should make for an adequate (not superior) round when carried for self defense in the back country. When […]

Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 38

The Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 38 is a new “hammerless” revolver like those found in the Centennial line.  Unlike those guns, the new Bodyguard 38 has a polymer frame and integral laser.  It is one of two new compact handguns called Bodyguard introduced by S&W at the 2010 SHOT Show. First, the basics, it is […]

Taurus Protector Polymer: a Polymer Revolver

Taurus introduced a polymer revolver in .38 Special at the 2010 SHOT Show.  The “Polymer Protector” is a revolver with a polymer frame and blued steel cylinder and barrel insert.  The new Taurus revolver only weighs 18.2 ounces and is rated for +P ammunition. Streamlined for concealed carry, the hammer is shrouded, but can still […]

Smith and Wesson 442 and 642 | No Locks!

Two of the most popular Smith and Wesson handguns, the models 442 and 642, have been re-introduced without the infamous internal locks.  These J-frame snubbies are the classic blued and stainless steel .38 Special revolvers with the internal hammers. Perfect for pocket, ankle, and other forms of concealed carry, these revolvers have been great sellers […]