I.O. Venom

IO Venom

I.O. Inc. will be shipping a new 1911 pistol later this year called the Venom.  The Venom is still in production, but is close to production.  A prototype was on the floor of the SHOT Show, and I.O. staff allowed us to photograph it.  Please note that the production gun will have higher quality machining […]

The New EAA Witness Polymer 1911

Witness Polymer 1911

European American Armory Corp (EAA) will start selling a polymer 1911 in 2014.  The new new pistol will resemble a traditional 1911, but will have a black plastic frame.

The New Magnum Research Ultra-Compact Desert Eagle 1911U

Magnum Research DE1911U

Magnum Research announced the introduction of an “ultra-compact, ultra-light” 1911 style pistol called the Desert Eagle 1911 Undercover or the DE1911U. The new pistol will be chambered in .45 ACP and will have a 3″ bull barrel.  The muzzle has an 11° crown.  The magazines hold six rounds.  The frame is made of aluminum and […]

Winchester Making New 1911 Ammo

Win1911 ammo

Winchester Ammunition announced they are now making a new line of .45 ACP ammo for the 1911 platform pistol.  The WIN1911 ammunition will come in two variations: one uses a FMJ bullet, while the other uses a JHP.  Both loads are designed to shoot to the same point of aim. The FMJ load uses a […]

The New Kahr CT40 and CT45 Pistols

Kahr CT45

Kahr will introduce two new, full-sized pistols in 2014:  the CT40 and the CT45 handguns.  The new pistols will be the same size as the TP series guns, but with a much lower suggested retail price. Like the CW-series of handguns, Kahr is reducing the production costs on the CT40 and the CT45 through the […]

Iver Johnson 1911A1 Carbine

Iver Johnson 1911A1 carbine

The Iver Johnson 1911A1 Carbine is a new rifle that appears to mate a 1911 pistol to a AR-style rifle.  It is chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge and looks like it retains all of the normal 1911 controls, grip safety and more. The gun has a M4-style stock.  Additionally, it looks to have a removable carry […]

So, I was going to tell you about…

…the new Boberg XR45-S pistol.  But then, I discovered Bruce at the Pocket Guns & Gear site already has talked about this new pistol.  Besides, he does a much better job than I could do anyway.  So, go read his take on the new Boberg .45 ACP.

Arsenal Firearms AF-2011 at the SHOT Show

Arsenal Firearms AF-2011

Against many people’s expectations, the Arsenal Firearms AF-2011 double barrel 1911 pistols were at the SHOT Show.  I was able to put my hands on them on the show floor and believe they are nothing more than a very limited, very expensive run of handguns that are (at best) merely an attention-getting campaign for the […]

Kahr CM45: Details from the 2013 SHOT Show

Kahr CM45 review

Another new gun shown at the 2013 SHOT Show is the Kahr CM45 (Model #4543).  The CM series of handguns is the economy version of the PM series that Kahr produces.  Adding the venerable .45 ACP caliber to the CM series of handguns should bode well for Kahr, as the CM series has been a […]

HK45 Tactical

HK45 Tactical Suppressor

HK announced the introduction of the HK45 Tactical to the civilian market.  It looks like you will be able to get them in all sorts of tactical colors and with a threaded barrel. Probably the oddest thing about this product announcement is that the HK45 Tactical is shown in a photograph with a “dummy” sound […]

Ruger SR45

Ruger SR45 review

The Ruger SR45 is now a reality.  Just days ahead of the 2013 SHOT Show, Sturm, Ruger & Co announced the big bore addition to the company’s popular “SR” series of handguns. Chambered in .45 ACP, the new SR45 comes standard with 10-round magazines, giving the shooter a lot of firepower.  Yet, Ruger claims the […]

Sneak Peek: DoubleTap Defense Pistols In Production

Azimuth DoubleTap Barrel

The folks at DoubleTap Defense are allowing me to publish a few photos of the new guns that are in production at the new Naples, FL plant.

Long Slide AF-2011 Pistol

Arsenal Firearms is designing a new “long slide” double barrel pistol in the AF2011 line.  The new handgun “…will not follow the commemorative “A1” lines of the Second Century edition,” states Arsenal. The AF2011-A1 created quite a stir earlier this month when they unveiled the pistol.  However, the company is not sitting down, waiting to […]