Just Announced: Diamondback DB FS Nine Pistol

Diamondback DB FS Nine handgun

Diamondback just announced the company’s first full-size pistol, the DB FS Nine.  The new handgun is a striker-fired gun with a polymer frame.  This new gun will no doubt be compared to the striker-fired guns already on the market, but it does offer a few interesting features that caught my eye.

SAR Arms 9mm Carbines

SAR Arms 9mm Carbine

SAR Arms is showing two 9mm carbines at the 2014 SHOT Show: the 109T and the TE54.  Both are AR-style rifles with lowers that are specifically designed to take 9mm magazines.  The models shown were semi-automatic. The 109T has a removable carry handle with a rear sight set for 50 and 100 yards.  The TE54 […]

Smith & Wesson Announces New 986 Pro Series Revolver

Smith & Wesson 986

Just ahead of the 2014 SHOT Show, Smith & Wesson announced a pair of new 9mm revolvers.  The first is the 929 revolver I talked about here.  The second is the new 986 Pro Series revolver. The 986 is a seven-shot 9mm revolver that has a stainless steel frame and titanium cylinder.  It has a […]

New Smith & Wesson 929: 8-Shot 9mm Revolver

Smith and Wesson 929

Smith & Wesson posted an introductory video for the new model 929 revolver on YouTube.  The new S&W 929 is a full size revolver chambered for the 9mm cartridge. The new 929 revolver is a product of the Smith & Wesson Performance Center, and it appears to be built for competition.  The gun holds eight […]

Taurus CTG29 Carbine – Now Shipping

Taurus Carbine

A bit of an enigma for the past several SHOT Shows, the Taurus CTG29 carbine is now shipping according to the company’s website.  The carbine is based on the the SMT 9 and SMT 40 submachine guns the company produces in Brazil. As one might expect, the new Taurus carbines are pretty neutered when compared […]

Boberg XR9-L: Longslide Version of this Unique Pistol

Boberg XR9-L

The Boberg XR9-L is a new addition to the company’s ingenious concealed carry line of pistols.  There are a lot of unique features to this pistol that are explained farther down.  If you are already familiar with the pistols, I’ll quickly fill you in on the differences in this model. Essentially, the XR9-L is the […]

Bersa BP9CC at 2013 SHOT Show

Bersa BP9CC Green

Eagle Imports was showing multiple colored frames of the Bersa BP9CC at the 2013 SHOT Show.  As I previously reported, Bersa is making a green framed pistol, but they will also be making a tan framed one as well. The OD green BP9CC should start importing a little later this year; perhaps as soon as […]

Caracal CC10 Carbine

Caracal CC10 picture

Introduced in the summer of 2012, the 2013 SHOT Show was our first opportunity to get our hands on the new Caracal CC10 9mm carbine.  The “CC” stands for “Caracal Carbine”.  The CC10 has a steel receiver and barrel, with a polymer frame, however no details were given on the type of steel. The CC10 […]

More on the Saiga-9 Carbine

Saiga-9 carbine

We’re getting out first photos of the new Saiga-9 carbine from Izhmash.  This photo was taken at the company’s demo booth at the Arms and Hunting Expo held in Moscow last month. As you can see in the photo, the Saiga-9 retains many of the styling cues from the Vityaz-SN, on which the new carbine […]

Green Bersa BP9CC

Bersa BP9CC olive

Looks like I missed this before, but you can now get an OD green Bersa BP9CC pistol.  The olive-colored BP9 pistol is otherwise the same as the original black-framed Bersa pistol. Bersa has long been popular with people looking for an affordable and reliable concealed carry gun.  However, they never really caught my imagination until […]

More on the Saiga-9 Carbine

Saiga-9 carbine

The new Saiga-9 carbine is a civilian version of the Vityaz-SN submachine gun, and was first reported by GunsHolstersAndGear.com.  Since then, we’ve developed additional information on the new carbine. The Saiga-9 will be chambered for the 9×19 (aka 9mm Parabellum and 9mm Luger) cartridge.  Standard magazine capacity is only 10 rounds, but I expect that surplus […]

Saiga-9 Carbine


Russian arms manufacturer JSC Izhmash is gearing up to produce the Saiga-9 carbine, a civilian version of the Vityaz-SN submachine gun.  The new Saiga-9 will be chambered in 9mm (aka 9×19). The new carbine was introduced at the 2012 Russian Hunting and Sporting Goods show in September.  Currently, I don’t have much information on the […]

Charter Arms 9mm Pitbull Revolver

Charter Arms Pitbull

Just released, the Charter Arms 9mm Pitbull revolver is the newest edition to the company’s line of wheelguns developed for rimless cartridges.  This 9mm revolver uses the same dual coil spring system in the extractor as the system used in the .40 S&W Pitbull revolver.