Will Colt Abandon Florida Manufacturing Facility?

Colt Florida manufacturing

When Colt’s Manufacturing Company signed a deal in 2011 with Osceola County, FL to open a “regional headquarters and product manufacturing center,” it was reported the company would employ more than 60 people at that site.  But, more than halfway through 2013, the facility still stands empty. According to news reports, Colt’s Manufacturing has yet […]

Gun Company Troubles

If the media is to be believed, gun companies are all making money hand over fist: Black Friday gun sales set all time records and the re-election of President Obama has sparked impulse buying.  However, there are a few companies that are experiencing some difficulties right now. A fire in mid-November shut down the Dan Wesson […]

Colt Defense Posts Another Loss

Colt Defense M16

Colt Defense lost $6.7 million dollars in the quarter ending July 31, 2012. Compared to the same quarter from one year ago, Colt sold 23.2% more products.  Yet, the company saw a more than 250% increase in losses.  Methinks these numbers are not good.