Crimson Trace CMR 203(G): Inexpensive Green Laser

Review of the Crimson Trace CM203 green laser

While at Media Day I stopped in and checked out the new offerings from Crimson Trace.  The CMR 203 (G – for green) immediately caught my eye for its ambidextrous controls, and ease of mount to a pistol or rifle rail. UNIVERSAL MOUNT Crimson Trace advises this laser system is designed to be universal to […]

Crimson Trace Defender Series Lasers

Crimson Trace Accu-Guard XD(m)

Thanks to the good folks at Crimson Trace, I had a first look at the new Defender Series lasers they announced this week.  The Defender Series is a collection of red lasers aimed at the budget market.  The lasers run from $129 – 149 MSRP.  This is significantly less expensive than some of the other […]

Crimson Trace Defender Series Lasers

Crimson Trace Accu-Guard

The Defender Series line is a budget-priced line of red lasers being introduced by Crimson Trace.  The new lasers are all priced between $129 and $149 (MSRP) and will ship by December 15, 2012. Initially, there will be two styles of Defender Series lasers.  The first style will be revolver grips called Accu-Grip.  The  Accu-Grip […]

LaserMax CenterFire for Beretta Nano

Lasermax CenterFire Beretta Nano

LaserMax announced the latest addition to the CenterFire line of laser aiming devices: the Beretta Nano.  The CenterFire is a red laser aiming unit that attaches to the front portion of a pistol’s trigger guard for excellent integration with the handgun even when Picatinny rails are not present. The CenterFire is similar in appearance to […]

Crimson Trace for Beretta Nano: LG-483 Laserguard

Crimson Trace Beretta Nano

Crimson Trace announced the LG-483: a new Laserguard for the Beretta Nano.  The Nano is a subcompact 9mm pistol that has enjoyed good sales in the current market, so it only makes sense that Crimson Trace would create a laser sight for this handgun.

More Zombie Crap

Crimson Trace Zombie

Who’s buying all of the zombie gear that is being made for shooters?  I find it hard to imagine that there are that many mall ninjas to keep all of the zombie manufacturers in business.  Anyway… Crimson Trace is making a bunch of their Lasergrips with a green Z on them.  According to Crimson Trace, […]

Pink Lasers

Pink crimson trace

Crimson Trace is making pink versions of their lasers for the Smith & Wesson J-frame and the Ruger LCP.  According to Crimson Trace, these pink lasers are part of the “…ever-growing number of products aimed squarely at the female market…”  Crimson Trace stated they had customers asking for their products in colors other than black, […]

More Videos from the NRA Show

Our friends at NRA Publications really worked overtime to publish a bunch of videos from the recent show in St. Louis.  We published several of their videos here and here.  Here are a few more for your viewing pleasure: Ruger 22/45 Lite

Tuff Products Holsters Bundled with Crimson Trace LaserGuard and LightGuard

Tuff Products

Tuff Products holsters will be bundled with certain Crimson Trace LaserGuard and LightGuard products. Tuff Products makes fantastic products that showcase their ingenuity and quality.  Randall at wrote this Tuff Products Tacllet review and used their QuickStrips in his article on reloading a revolver. FYI – If you want to save 10% on Tuff […]

Ruger Expands Crimson Trace Offerings

Ruger LC9 Laserguard

Ruger has expanded the number of handgun models that can be purchased with factory installed Crimson Trace lasers.  Recently added models include: LC9 with Crimson Trace Laserguard LCR-22 with Crimson Trace Lasergrips LCR-357 with Crimson Trace Lasergrips Previous models with factory option Crimson Trace lasers included: LCP with Crimson Trace Laserguard LCR with Crimson Trace […]

Crimson Trace Lasergrips for Gen 4 Glock Pistols

Crimson Trace Lasergrips Gen4 Glock

Crimson Trace announced a new set of Lasergrips for the Gen 4 Glock 9mm and .40 S&W pistols.  The new Lasergrips will work with all sizes (subcompact, compact and full) of Glock handguns as long as they are the Gen 4 versions. The new Lasergrips simply attach over the backstrap of the Gen 4 Glocks. […]

Crimson Trace to Launch New Products at 2010 SHOT Show


It would appear that Crimson Trace is preparing to launch several new products at the 2010 SHOT Show.  Michael Bane teased to this in his podcast, Down Range Radio, last week. In addition to the Lasergrips introduced with new guns (as they did with the Ruger LCR at the 2009 SHOT Show), I think we […]

Crimson Trace LG-375 Lasergrips for the Taurus Judge and Tracker


Crimson Trace announces the latest addition to the Taurus revolver line-up is now available. The new Model LG-375 fits both the Taurus Judge and Tracker models and offers an ergonomic and comfortable grip designed with the advantage of an ergonomically located laser with the proven performance you’ve come to expect from Crimson Trace. The LG-375 […]