DoubleTap Equalizer Ammo

DoubleTap Equalizer

DoubleTap Equalizer ammo uses two projectiles in a single cartridge to deliver a devastating blow on the target:  both game animals and criminal attackers.  The projectiles are of different design, each wounding the target in different manners. The exposed bullet is a standard jacketed hollowpoint.  The second projectile is stacked under the hollowpoint and is […]

DoubleTap Pistol Update

DoubleTap Pistol barrel

I received an e-mail about the current production status of the DoubleTap pistol.  The gun is currently in the final design and engineering phase and almost ready to roll into full production.  Right now, the final prototypes are being made and tested to meet all of the various state-specific requirements for safety and endurance. The […]

Sneak Peek: DoubleTap Defense Pistols In Production

Azimuth DoubleTap Barrel

The folks at DoubleTap Defense are allowing me to publish a few photos of the new guns that are in production at the new Naples, FL plant.

Heizer DoubleTap .45

Heizer DoubleTap .45

The Heizer DoubleTap is a two-shot .45 ACP pistol that was announced last year, and subsequently shown at the 2012 SHOT Show.  The DoubleTap is a very thin, lightweight gun designed for concealed carry.  As it is very flat, it could make an excellent pocket gun. The new Heizer pistol is an all-metal gun that […]