Heizer Defense .410 Pocket Shotgun

Heizer HD1 pistol

Heizer Defense is developing a single shot pistol they call the HD1 Pocket Shotgun.  The pistol is chambered to fire both 45 Colt and .410 bore shotgun shells like the Taurus Judge.  Unlike the Judge, the HD1 is smaller, flatter and fires…well…only one shot. From a tactical standpoint, I would never recommend anyone rely on […]

Breaking: DoubleTap Defense Files $6 Million Lawsuit Against Heizer Defense

DoubleTap Defense pistol

It looks like the dispute over the DoubleTap pistol is getting uglier. DoubleTap Defense announced they have filed a $6 million lawsuit against former buisness parter Heizer Defense.  Additionally, they are seeking an injunction, which would presumably stop Heizer’s production of a pistol that Heizer Defense announced at the 2012 NASGW Expo.

Heizer Defense Pistol Images

Heizer Defense pistol

At the 2012 NASGW Expo, Heizer Defense was spreading the word that they would be introducing a small pistol in the near future.  Jim Bruchas, the director of sales for Heizer Defense, suggested the new gun would be very similar to the DoubleTap pistol they had been contracted to produce for DoubleTap Defense before that […]

Heizer Defense vs DoubleTap Defense

Heizer Defense logo

It looks like there is a storm brewing in one corner of the firearms industry. Let me explain… I was sitting outside the main hall at the 2012 NASGW Expo working on an article when I was approached by a man asking if I was in the media. When I said “yes,” the man introduced […]

DoubleTap Pistol Splits from Heizer Defense

Heizer DoubleTap photo

The inventor of the Double Tap pistol announced a split from Heizer Defense in a press release issued today. Raymond B. Kohout, the inventor and owner of the Double Tap design patents, said that Heizer was the company he had contracted with to manufacture the pistol.  Kohout stated, however, that he was compelled to terminate […]