Thursday’s Gun News

Desert Tech MDR-C

The new Micro Dynamic Rifle (MDR) from Desert Tech remains on track for delivery in 2015.  The company showed the multi-caliber, ambidextrous rifle at the 2014 SHOT Show (watch our video on the gun here), and has continued to develop the rifle. Right now, it looks like there will be two versions: the standard MDR […]

A Big Year for SIG: Modular Rifles, Pistols and More

SIG P320

The new year is starting to sound like it will be a really big one for SIG Sauer.  While few official announcements have been made by the company, reliable information tells us the company is introducing both a new modular rifle platform and a modular pistol platform in 2014.  Of course, this does not include […]

Aimpoint FCS12 in Swedish Army

Aimpoint FCS12

Aimpoint announced the company’s FCS12 fire control system passed through field trials and has been placed in active duty with the Swedish Army.  The system will be used on the 84mm M3 recoiless rifle. The M3 is a multi-purpose, man-portable weapon capable of anti-armor, anti-personnel, anti-bunker and other roles.  The Aimpoint optic incorporates a laser […]

SIG Sells the M11 Pistol

SIG M11-A1

I suppose everyone knows the US military’s standard sidearm is the M9, which is also the Beretta 92FS pistol.  A lot of people know the US Navy SEALs issue the Mk25 pistol, also known as the SIG SAUER P226.  Fewer people are familiar with the M11 pistol, or that civilians can purchase an exact duplicate […]

FN SmartCore

FN SmartCore

The FN SmartCore was rolled out at the EUROSATORY 2012 last week.  Formerly known as the FN Black Box, the SmartCore is very similar to the recording devices found in airplanes that the project was originally named after. The SmartCore is an electronic system that records and examines the firearm’s use for a variety of […]

2012 SOFIC in Tampa

I’m headed to the 2012 SOFIC in Tampa this morning.  SOFIC is the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, which is a meeting of commanders and operators inside the special forces community along with allied partners from the defense industry. Think of it as a very specialized SHOT Show. I’m headed to the conference this morning, […]

A Salute to Our Troops

Bin Laden’s dead and gone, but the men and women who fight for us are still in harm’s way.  I ask that you remember them in your prayers and offer support in any way you can for their families back home. NRA’s Life of Duty put together this video of appreciation for their service.  If […]

Marines: Hey Lets Train with Our Actual Weapons!

Marines Firearms Training

The US Marine Corps has decided to train as it fights.  At weapon qualifications, Marines will be allowed to use the weapons and approved optics they carry into battle. “The intent is to ensure Marines train with the weapon system with which they will fight, ” wrote Lt. Gen. Richard Mills in an administrative message. Not […]

IWI Showing Firearms for Military, Spec Ops and Law Enforcement

IWI Ace rifle

From IWI: Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) – a leader in the production of combat-proven small arms for governments, armies and law enforcement agencies around the world – will showcase a complete solution for light weapons for the military, special ops and law enforcement – at FIDAE International Air & Space Fair (Santiago, Chile, March 27-April […]