New Saiga-12 Details

saiga shotgun

We have more details on the new Saiga-12 being developed by Izhmash. As I reported back in May, a new Saiga-12 shotgun has been designed for the competition market.  Currently, Izmash is showing the shotgun at various shooting events and expos and is planning on shipping it to the consumer market in late 2012 or […]

More on the New Saiga-12


The new Saiga-12 appears to be on track for import into the United States according to information from Izhmash.  Additionally, overall shipments of firearms from Izhmash to the US is expected to “…increase significantly.” The new Saiga-12 features a variety of modifications including a push-button magazine release, AR-type buttstock, a new gas system, a unique […]

New Saiga-12 Shotgun


Izhmash announced the development of a new Saiga-12 shotgun variant for practical shooting competition.  Saiga-12 fans will likely notice a few differences just from the photo: My Russian is not very good, but from what I was able to determine, the new Saiga-12 sports several new features, including: long Picatinny rail on top of the […]