Engraved SIG P226 Pistols

SIG Sauer offers two factory engraved P226 pistols.  The handguns feature custom engraved slides, custom wood grips and two different finishes. The first pistol is called the P226 Engraved.  This handgun features a black anodized frame.  The slide is polished black stainless steel with custom engraving.  The grips are wood with a SIG medallion embedded […]

SIG P290 Rainbow

The SIG P290 Rainbow is another in a series of multi-chromatic pistols introduced by the company over the past several years.  While some people hate the look, there are a lot of people who really like it. At this year’s SHOT Show, SIG Sauer showed the latest of these color changing handguns, and I have to say […]

SIG P238 Tribal

The SIG P238 Tribal is just one of the new variations of existing guns that SIG Sauer showed at the SHOT Show this year.  Generally, the company will roll out several variations of their popular guns at the show, with some of them becoming permanent additions to the line, while others become limited runs.  The […]

SIG P226 Mk 25 Special Edition

This special edition of the SIG P226 Mk 25 was on display at this year’s SHOT Show.  The gun commemorates the 50th anniversary of the US Navy SEALs. As you can see in the photos, the gun has scrollwork and gold inlay on the slide.  On the left side of the pistol’s slide are the […]

SIG Sauer P227

Details of the rumored SIG Sauer P227 slipped out late last year, and now we are getting photos and specifications on the pistols.  I will go over what we know about these new guns so far.  (Ed. note: our first review of the SIG P227 is here.) First of all, the P227 is a classically styled SIG […]

SIG P226 X-Five: Colors of the Rainbow

The SIG P226 X-Five pistol is a highly tuned handgun featuring superb accuracy, a five inch barrel and a single-action trigger.  Here in the United States, SIG SAUER offers the X-Five in four different models.  Each is a highly-tuned shooter.  However, you have to go to Germany to get the really distinctive P226 X-Five models. […]

SIG Sells the M11 Pistol

I suppose everyone knows the US military’s standard sidearm is the M9, which is also the Beretta 92FS pistol.  A lot of people know the US Navy SEALs issue the Mk25 pistol, also known as the SIG SAUER P226.  Fewer people are familiar with the M11 pistol, or that civilians can purchase an exact duplicate […]

SIG P938

The SIG P938 pistol has generated a lot of interest from shooters ever since word of it leaked in late 2011.  The P938 is a single-action-only handgun chambered in 9mm. I can understand why this pistol would generate a lot of interest.  Essentially, the P938 is a 9mm version of the very popular SIG p238 […]

New SIG P290 Trigger System

The SIG SAUER P290 will have a new trigger system soon, according to Jeff Creamer, the company’s Director of Product Management.  Talking to Tom Gresham on the nationally syndicated radio show, GunTalk, Creamer said the new P290 trigger system will be a “true” double-action-0nly (DAO) system with a “second strike” capability. The current generation of […]

SIG P210: Back in the USA

The SIG P210 is possibly one of the finest 9mm handguns ever to have been made, and it is once again available in the US.  The guns, made in Germany, have not been available in the United States for a number of years.  SIG Sauer makes several different versions of the pistol, including the standard […]

SIG SAUER P232 Pistols: Updated for 2009

The SIG SAUER P232 pistol was updated for 2009.  The new P232 features a newly designed slide that reduces “slide bite” on larger hands and removable sights. For those not familiar with the SIG SAUER P232, the gun is a .380 ACP pistol that is more substantial in size and weight than the recent crop of […]

SIG P238 – High Quality 380 ACP Single Action Pistol

The SIG P238 pistol is a single-action, semi-automatic pistol chambered for the .380 ACP cartridge.  The pistol is considered to be very similar to the workings of a 1911 pistol and is said to have borrowed heavily from the design of the Colt Mustang pistol.  Most likely, SIG SAUER purchased the rights to manufacture the […]

SIG Sauer .22LR Pistol Conversion Kits

SIG SAUER is now selling .22 LR conversion kits for the company’s most popular handguns: the P220, P226, P228 and P229. Having a .22 conversion kit allows a shooter to practice with the firearm on the range, but at a less expensive cost since .22 tends to be very inexpensive.  Additionally, the low recoil from […]