Winchester Repeating Arms Introduces the Speed Pump Defender Shotgun

At the 2008 SHOT Show, Winchester Repeating Arms announced the return of the Model 1300 as the new Speed Pump Defender shotgun. The 12 gauge scattergun was part of the company returning the Winchester brand to firearms manufacturing.

Although the gun is no longer being made, it significantly influenced the creation of the SXP line of shotguns. Plus, the Model 1300 and Speed Pump are still great guns to find in the secondary market.

Let’s take a look at the Winchester Speed Pump shotgun.

Return of a Classic

The new Speed Pump shotgun was a new version of the classic Winchester Model 1300. At it’s introduction, the company claimed the shotgun was the “fastest pump [action] ever.”

That was a pretty bold statement. When I had the chance to run one, it was a slick unit. It certainly felt fast – a lot better than many of the old Remington 870 shotguns I was assigned as a cop.

But, the fastest ever? I don’t know. I’m handy with a slide action, but I imagine there are a lot of people faster than me. For my part, the gun was definitely an efficient shooter.

Officially, Winchester referred to this shotgun as the Speed Pump Defender. That would strongly suggest the gun was designed with self-defense in mind. While I’m sure the company would love to have gotten these into patrol cars around the U.S., I suspect the real target market was home protection.

The guns came with an 18″ chrome-lined barrel. According to the company representative I spoke with, they completed extensive testing with both steel and tungsten buckshot and Foster-style slugs to ensure the durability and accuracy were up to snuff.

Tubular magazines stored five 2 3/4″ or 3″ shells. That’s pretty standard for a defensive shotgun. I like to have 6 in the tube, but 5 is workable. A bead front sight is standard.

The Speed Pump shotgun was made in Turkey. Prior to 2007, the Model 1300 was made in the U.S.A.

Speed Pump Defender Specifications

The Winchester Speed Pump Defender had the following factory specifications:

Barrel Length18″
Chamber Size3″
Chokecylinder (unrestricted)
Overall Length39.5″
Length of Pull13.75″
Weight (unloaded)6.5 lbs
Stockblack synthetic

Additional Speed Pump Models

The Defender is not the only Speed Pump shotgun the company offered. Two additional models focused on hunting: the Walnut Field and the Black Shadow Field.

Speed Pump Walnut Field

Operation of this shotgun is the same as the Defender. However, it has a number of changes and upgrades that make it better for hunting and sporting clays.

First, the gun came with your choice in 26″ and 28″ barrels. Both lengths had vented ribs on top with a bead sight.

Winchester used the Invector-Plus choke system. Additionally, the company back-bored the barrel “for less shot deformation and more consistent patterns.”

I am unconvinced that back-boring a shotgun barrel for an existing gun is worth the time or money. For example, Clay Shooting ran a test that showed the process netted less than a 2% increase in shot velocity. That said, I see no problems with doing it. As a standard feature in a factory gun, I see only upsides.

Speed Pump Black Shadow Field

Black Shadow Field shotguns differ little from the Walnut Field shotguns. They used a black synthetic stock and shaved $50 from the MSRP.

Origins of a New Classic

The Speed Pump Defender is a direct evolution of the older Model 1300 that was manufactured between 1983 and 2006. Manufactured in New Haven, CT, the Model 1300 was a classic pump shotgun: instantly recognizable and as American as apple pie.

The Model 1300 came in a variety of gauges and configurations. While the 12-gauge was likely the most popular, the company also offered the guns in 16- and 20-gauge.

However, the 1300 was a small evolutionary step from the Model 1200 that was introduced in 1968. The Model 1200, itself a replacement of the Model 12, is a bit more interesting to me as the gun found its way into military service.

U.S. Military Service

Starting in 1968, the U.S. Army purchased an unknown number of the Winchester Model 1200 shotguns for service in Vietnam.

These shotguns were standard in function, but they had a bayonet mount for the M1917 bayonet. Additionally, sling swivels were included to attach a M1-type web sling. On top of the barrel, a heat shield was added.

SXP – The New Speed Pump

Not long after production of the Speed Pump began, Winchester pivoted and introduced the Super X Pump Defender shotgun. Better known as the SXP Defender, it is a pump-action scattergun, very similar to the Speed Pump and the model 1300 before it.

Winchester SXP Defender shotgun

The SXP and the Speed Pump share most of the same features. Consider this an evolutionary upgrade.

Last update: June 1, 2021

By Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson is a gun writer, amateur historian and - most importantly - a dad. He's done a lot of silly things in his life, but quitting police work to follow his passion of writing about guns was one of the smartest things he ever did. He founded this site and continues to manage its operation.

15 replies on “Winchester Repeating Arms Introduces the Speed Pump Defender Shotgun”

Actually, it was going to be manufactured in Turkey…however, Winchester decided not to manufacture this firearm.

Winchester has decided to produce a replacement shotgun, the Super X Pump, due out in the third quarter of 2009. It will retail around the same price point ($300 or so), and will also be made in Turkey.

Of course, all of this is subject to change, but it is current as of 30 seconds ago when I got off the phone with my contact at Winchester.

I am a private citizen with a CWP in the state of SC. I am looking for a weapon that I could use as defense of my home and also one that could be left with my wife for defense should I be gone. Trouble with my hand guns is that she can’t pull the slide back to start the action and I’m afraid to leave her with a revolver. Is your defender shotgun one that a woman of average strength can handle?? If it is, where can I order one?

Hi Fred,

This isn’t a direct answer to your question, but here goes…

It seems the best investment for your money is to have a firearms instructor, with experience in teaching self defense, spend a few hours with your wife. If she is going to use the firearm (shotgun or otherwise), she needs to get good, professional instruction.

No offense, but husbands are not normally the best source of instruction. Even if you are a great teacher, she brings all of the relationship baggage to the range with you. If she is on her own with a pro instructor, she can leave all of that behind and just work on firearms.

Virtually any adult can operate the slide on virtually any semi-auto…it is a matter of technique, not strength. The strength needed to keep a mounted shotgun on a suspect for any length of time is much more than that needed to operate a slide. Again, an instructor will help.

If a Winchester shotgun is what she desires, support your local dealer and order one up through them.

I hope this is helpful.


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