Ruger Announces the SR9c

Ruger SR9c

The Ruger SR9c appears to be a reality.  A compact version of the 9mm SR9 introduced two years ago, the SR9c is a striker-fired pistol that offers significant advantages over smaller guns, yet appears compact enough for full-time concealed carry duties.

Ruger is stating the SR9c will have a 3 1/2″ barrel, weigh 24 ounces (unloaded) and have the same thin grip as the full-size SR9.  Unlike the recent crop of ultra-compact pistols, like Ruger’s own LCP, the SR9c will have full-size, three-dot sights for easier aiming.  Additionally, the SR9c will have an accessory rail for lights and lasers.

Interestingly, the SR9c will come with two magazines:  a flush mount 10-round mag, and a 17-round mag that uses a grip adapter that changes the grip from the shorter, compact grip to the same size as the larger SR9.  In states with laws prohibiting standard capacity magazines, the Ruger will ship with 10-round magazines only.

The first guns will come with brushed stainless or blackened stainless slides, while the frames are the same glass-filled nylon material the original SR9 has.  The real key to this gun’s usefulness as a concealed carry handgun is that it has a much shorter grip length than the original SR9, yet it still is relatively thin for the size gun that it is.  You cannot classify the gun as a sub-compact handgun, but it is definitely a compact pistol.  The size, shape and reliability will appeal to many people looking for a personal protection handgun at a modest price.

Ruger SR9c backstrap

Ruger will be at Media Day, the day before 2010 SHOT Show kicks off, showing off their new guns.  We will be there and will have photos and videos of the new guns in action.  So stay tuned to this website.

Ruger highlights the features of the SR9c in this video:

By Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson is a gun writer, amateur historian and - most importantly - a dad. He's done a lot of silly things in his life, but quitting police work to follow his passion of writing about guns was one of the smartest things he ever did. He founded this site and continues to manage its operation.

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Saw it Loved it bought it. Now to the range.. got serious after a box of shells expended. Nice trigger pull, comes right up on target and has reasonable recoil.
Now have 250 rounds down range and I really love this gun, not one failure of any kind to date.. I have a Large hand so added the extension to the regular magazine which makes it very comfortable.
I plan on using this for CC. in fact I am entertaining the idea of getting the full sized SR9 for my collection. Great price point.
THe gun comes with a speed loader which really helps at the range. it can be loaded by hand but its tougher than any of my other auto’s.
laod the 2 mags up and you have over 1/2 box of shells ready to go.

I also have a bersa ultra compact pro in 45 caliber and they r bout the same size and I have never had a problem with it either. great gun, but when I saw this gun couldn’t resist and it is well worth it. Thank you Ruger

Good to hear the great comments–was about to purchase the SR9 until I tried this on for size.. Actually the first semi I ourchased was the LCP and just love the Ruger quality and feel. I am sure the SR9C will be a nice add to my little collection. Thanks guys

i went with my son and his friends,target shooting. i had just bought my ruger sr9c, we started shooting and switching guns to see whitch was better,within 1 hour every one was lined up to shoot my gun. not one miss fire the gun was great. everyone loved it.thanks ruger.

have put about two hundred rds thru it. perfect…. accurate right out of the box. if you are looking for a edc. this is it. no need to look further…

I just bought one last week. Awesome quality for the price. Paid $419 plus tax. BUT where the heck can u buy a specific holster for it??

I bought this gun about a week ago and absolutely love it!!! It has one of the best feeling grips of a compact that i have ever held. In my oppinion it has better features than the M&P9c and Glock 26 put together. Love the gun, cant find anything bad to say about it at all!!!

Looked at this gun at gun store and I love it already
I am getting it as a gift from my wife
Cant wait to fire it
From what I read it sounds like a great gun

i brought the ruger SR9C. over 550 rounds through it. Great gun. only had one shell get stuck. only because it was walmart ammo. never had the problem again, only with cheap china ammo. Priced $75 less than a glock 26. easy to strip and clean. great buy for anyone who is looking for a dependable semi compact 9mm. Great Love the full size mag. with the grip extension great for the range. A must buy.

Ok, obviously we all agree its a great new piece, but where the heck are the holsters by galco, etc etc ???

If ur still looking for a holster for a sr9, sr9c, or even for a p345 then u might want to look for an Uncle Mikes holster size 15. This fits the sr9c but also fits the p345 by ruger. I like the sr9c and was thinking of getting another one. Only thing is that the slide is harder to pull back than on my p345. But I like the trigger better on the sr9c.

Just bought the Ruger SR9c for my fiance for CC. I own a glock 19 that I carry. The SR9c was almost 300 less than my Glock and I have to say it is twice the gun! Great trigger pull, great accuracy, great recoil. Ruger hit the bullseye on this one! GREAT GUN!

I bought my SR9c about a month ago for my conceled carry firearm, and I love it! I have put just over 300 rounds through it and have had 2 miss fires and one jam. After the next 100 rounds, I’ll work on the sites. Still shooting left. I haven’t been ale to find a holster yet. I’ve seen a few suggestions here that I will check out. Being a female, makes it a little more challenging to find a hip holster that fits right. Any suggestions are appreciated! (and no, purse carry is not an option.)

Bought this gun as soon as i laid eyes on it, effin beatiful, not one single problem… could have fired a ton of shots an kept going loved it.

as far as the holster goes try the BLACK HAWK… it can’t be removed or taken out until you hit the release clip, which is designed so that your fingers are right there and no one elses. It’s hard durable plastic but it rocks.

I bought the sr9c two weeks ago. I put 100 rounds through it to break it in. It jammed at least once on almost every clip. I took it back to the gun store and they sent it back to ruger. they said i should get it back in about two weeks. we will see. i really like the gun, and if ruger gets it right will love having it as a cc.

That would be magazine, not clip. What sort of ammo were you using? Most of us have had zero problems right out of the box. I have put a few hundred rounds through mine (mixed assortment from junk to CorBon Power Ball 100 gr–my carry ammo) without any issues. Very accurate, a natural pointer in my big hand, and an extremely smooth trigger. Love it, carry it, and will keep it.

I actually bought a Glock 23 .40 from my Step-dad last year. Although it was easy to conceal,I didn’t like squareness of the Glocks. My step-dad picked up a SR9C last week in a multi-gun trade for his RockRiver AR-15. I saw it and asked to shoot it. Nothing I have shot so far has compared to this pistol. I have a nemesis pocket holster that it fits into nicely and is easily concealed in my waist. I agree with other posters on here that after loading the clips by hand through 500 rounds today was pretty rough. (left the speed loader at home). To make a long stry short I traded him his Glock back and now I own a SR9C and will keep this for a long time. Thank You Ruger for looking out for us!

Got the sr9c back after only about 10 days and it shoots really great. Ruger did right by doing the repairs in a very timely fashion. it is my new favorite for cc.

I don’t have the sr9c yet but have really liked the sr9. About 1000 rounds through w/o problems – even with Federal. I expect to purchase the “c” for CC.

As for holsters you might try
I bought one for my sr9 (fitted) and I know they have one also for the sr9c.

I had chosen, because of price, the Taurus Millenium series 9mm and my carry. But after reading of the problem and then trying to work with their customer service to get answers about the problems, I will NEVER buy a Taurus…EVER. Then I thought I was going to go with the Glock 26. My F-I-L called me and told me about the SR9c. As soon as I put it in my hand, I know this was the pistol. It felt better than the Glock, it’s balance was better. Yes, it is slightly larger, but not enough to be a problem. I just bought it yesterday and put over 100 rounds through it. I can say in all honesty, I am glad I chose this pistol, over the Glock, and deffinately better than the Taurus PT111. Trigger is smooth with the 5.2 pounds pressure. Not really any noticeable difference of the 5.5 of the Glock. Right out of the box, I was able to make the center of the target disappear with 10 rounds. This pistol is very accurate. And if you shop around, you will find it at a very very good price. I was able to find mine at $409. My only complaint is that the black alloy is not available at retail stores. there are some websites that have the black alloy, but you will pay a hefty price for it.

I Bought my sr9c about two weeks ago. Great gun for target shooting it on the money there,but I wouldn’t use it for
CC.Like to jam up only 100 rounds jam twice

I bought an all-black SR9C and ran 100 rounds of Winchester bulk ammo through it with no problems.

The biggest surprise was the accuracy of this little beauty.

Since purchasing this little Ruger SR9C I spend a lot less time looking at other 9mm write-ups because I’m happy.

Bought the Ruger SR9C and after trying the feel of other fire arms,must say it was the best that fit me.More than 200rds.down range and can’t wait to get out there,just need a holster that would fit my Ruger with a laser!!

Just bought the SR9C this week. I have put 150 rounds through it and absolutely no problems. I had a friend with me that had purchased a S@W .40 Sigma and he was amazed how much better the SR9C felt and fired. Very easy to control. I still have some work to do adjusting the sites but overall am very happy with this firearm. The trigger pull is perfect. Very easy to clean. The slide is a little more difficult to pull back then some other sidearms I have but I’m sure that will get easier as I break in the gun. My only issue with this gun is the slide release. When pulled back and magazine inserted it is a little difficult to release the slide. Good sidearm Luger!

I did the research and every review was great. saw it first on the handguns show on the hunting channel. they loved it too. I bought the hand made cross bread holster for it for $75 and it fits so good that you can turn it upside down and practically shake it and it won’t fall out, but to draw it is smooth and perfect and comes right out smooth and the holster is very comfortable to wear, even wearing shorts it’s concealable.

I just love the way this thing feels in your hand. the slim profile helps and having a 17 round mag is stupendous. it does seem very accurate, either that or I’m a fantastic shot! I paid $398 at bud’s gun shop online and had it shipped to washington state no problems. just wish I lived out in the country so I could shoot it just walking out the back door. great pistol, just love it. firing it fast it’s almost like having a friggin hand machine gun, bad guys, beware!

I bought this pistol in September. I got through about 3 rounds and then had a Jam and couldn’t fire. I thought it was just a bad round. I had to eject 4-5 round before the trigger would release and let me fire. Turns out all the rounds I ejected were just fine, it was my extractor. It wouldn’t line up in the chamber correctly and I kept getting hangups every 3-4 round. I thought that I has wasted $450.00 on a crappy gun. I read all the review and couldn’t find anyone with my same problem. So I called Ruger, they paid to have me ship the pistol back to them. I just got it back today. I am anxious to see if the problem is fixed. I will report back, but I am impressed with the service I got.


Thanks for posting. I haven’t heard of this problem either with the Rugers. I don’t have one myself, but I have been hearing a lot of good things about the SR9c.

If you don’t mind, post back to let us know if Ruger took care of the problem.




I know you wanted to hear back from Dan regarding the SR9C. I think it already speaks volumes how Ruger took care of him and even paid shipping. Sometimes things happen when you manufacture thousands of pieces to build all the guns they create.

I can tell you if Dan does not get back with you that the SR9C is the best 9mm I have ever fired. I have put over 800 rounds down range and have never had a FTF, FTE, FTL. You have to remember when you are on the internet you only hear the bad 🙂 Not that Dan’s post was a bash of the SR9C because it was not. In general, you only hear the people complaining because the other people are out enjoying their pistol. At the end of the day Ruger will take care of you and that is reason enough to buy this gun without worry.

If you like Glocks…so be it…but if you think you need to buy a Glock for reliability you are horribly mistaken. I have never had any issues and I can’t say the same thing about my Glock. So….it is a great gun. If you are in the market for any 9mm I think you would be hard pressed to find a better option than the SR9C. Certainly for the money it is in a class of its own. I just put a Crimson Trace Laser on mine 😉

Hi Chris,

Thanks for posting your feedback on the SR9c. I’ve been hearing a lot of positive things about them. You are absolutely correct that there are handguns that are as reliable as the Glocks. For example, my S&W M&P and Sig P226 are both ultra-reliable. Of course, so are all of my revolvers, but that is a whole different thread! 😉


I’ve owned several Rugers from revolvers to pistols. I purchased this one about a month ago. Went out to the range and put 100 rounds of LOAD-X through it. I had stove pipes, double ramp feeds and the slide would not open on the last round. Clearing was easy but I was not confident of the weapon. I put 50 more rounds each from two different manufactures a week later. The performance improved greatly. The weapon is very accurate. With the change in ammo I feel better about this pistol. But I do feel it needs several hundred rounds before I’ll carry it.

L Hall,

I’m not familiar with Load-X, but a lot of pistol malfunctions are related to ammunition and/or magazines. If you are getting good preformance with another brand of ammo, then I would say the Lod-X is causing the problems. If you are still getting problems, take a close look at the mags for bent feed lips, etc.

I know it is not cheap, but I always suggest you run about 200 rounds of practice ammo through a gun, and then run about 200 rounds of your “carry” ammo through it just to make sure it is reliable.

Let us know how it works out for you!


Did you find a holster with room for the Crimson Trace? I have a Dom Hume IWB for mine and I think the laser might just fit.

Is the best weapon I ever fired and loved it! Just need to come out with some holsters that fit it and hopefully a green lazer that doesn’t look too bulky,but over all the weapon is great!

Hey guys, I see a lot of you looking for holsters for this piece. I carry mine in a Fobus HK1 paddle holster that is made for H&K USP Compact but is designated to fit the SR9C as well as others.

October 16, 2010 2:23pm

I purchased an SR9c 5 days ago. I had done a lot of research and visited many gun stores and handled several semi automatic weapons looking for a reliable, good feeling and appropriate handgun for ccw use. My on duty weapon for the last 18 years of my 30 year law enforcement career was a factory Sig Sauer .45 nickel semi automatic equipped with tritium sights. That firearm sets very high standards for any weapon.

When I found the SR9c I had to have it for my ccw carry weapon. I like everything about it except: I cannot get the slide to drop by use of the slide release lever even using both thumbs. I have put 100 rounds of Remington & Winchester 115 grain FMJ ammunition through it.

Since today is Saturday, I’ll be on the phone on Monday to Ruger and I’m sure they will take care of the problem. If need be I’ll ever drive the gun up to them since I only live about 2 hours from Prescott. When the gun is repaired, I look forward to it being one the best firearms I have owned or fired.
I will let you know how everything turns out with Ruger.


Thanks for posting about your new SR9c. Please let us know the outcome of the call to Ruger. I’ve never had to send anything back to them, but I’ve always heard Ruger has really good customer service.


The SR9c is designed to pull the slide back while depressing the slide button, it is not a defect. this is made so you can intentionally load the first round

I was looking to buy a Taurus PT-111 Millenium when the salesman talked me out of the Taurus and into the Ruger SR9C. I am very glad I listened to him. I love this weapon! About 300 rounds have gone through it at the range without as much as a hick-up. If I have one criticism it would be how hard it is to rack the slide. I had hoped it would loosen up a little by now, but it has not. Other than that it is a very pleasing, high quality, American made weapon, and it is my trusted CCW.

I bought this gun back around may, i have taken to the range several times, and probably put at least 1000 rounds through it. the only problems that i have had was when i used the 17 round extended magezine, it jammed a few times when i was just firing it as quick as possible, the smaller 10 round mag. however has not ever gave me any problems. Also i have only used cheap ammo in this gun, the crapier the ammo the more frequent the jams. It was mainly using BLAZER alluminum bullets, that i had the problems with, but once or twice with the other cheap stuff that was not aluminum, but still either brand was only jamming with the 17 round mag. I love this gun, and is great for concealed. I actually would spend the money to get another one, just to have a matching pair of these awesome guns, and would recomend it to anyone.

On Monday I talked to Lisa, a Ruger Tech. She said that the “SLIDE STOP” was not engineered to be a release function. I told her that the “SLIDE STOP” as it is called in the manual on my P89DC is also called a “SLIDE STOP” but also functions as slide release on that model. I asked her; Why the difference? She said she didn’t know but the engineering was different on the SR9c. She said you have to pull the slide back and let it snap forward to work.

Since the stiff recoil spring makes it very difficult to get the action to function I asked her did she have any tricks of the trade to deal with that? She said it should be become easier to work the action as the gun gets more rounds through it, usually around 250 rounds.
I have found in the mean time I can work it a little better by placing my left thumb in the ejection port and using it to pull back on the action, but you have to get your thumb out in a hurry when releasing the slide because the spring is so stiff. You also need to grasp the other side of the slide with the other fingers on your left hand when pulling back on the action.

With all of the good positive comments on this weapon being so supportive of the gun I intend to keep working with it to be able to not have to change the way I operate when firing weapons which has been in the “Combat Mode” keeping your eyes on the target.

Still I give this gun very high ratings and find it a very positive shooting gun. The feel and the design are excellent and the 17 round magazine is certainly a plus feature. Overall I would rate the pistol 95 to 100 percent thus far.



Thanks for posting about the slide stop and your phone call. I learned a long time ago to not use the slide stop as a slide release (Glock really frowns on this, and my department was issuing the G17 at the time). Running the gun in that way has stuck with me ever since. I don’t consider it a handicap, so you may want to experiment and see if it is something you want to adopt.

Thanks again for posting information about your SR9c.


Hi Rich,

That’s the first time I’ve heard that complaint. How much harder is it compared to your other pistols (or others you have fired)? Did you try the pistol in the store before buying? Are there other issues with your pistol you don’t like?


I have decided to purchase a SR9C. I am happy that now makes holsters for it. I have highnoon’s for almost every gun I own, if you have not heard of them you have to check them out-good products, great customer service. Tell em Tim from Milwaukee sent ya! And, thanks to all of your posts that have helped me in deciding to get this gun, even the folks that have had problems have proved Ruger stands by their product with sincere concern for the customer


High Noon Holsters definitely does some nice work, and they do seem to stay on top of new guns as they come out. Thanks for posting your experiences with them.


The Ross Leather paddle holster for a Glock 26/27/33 fits perfect. Only difference is the trigger guard for the Glock is squared and the SR9c is rounded. It is their model PD1S. We looked through a bunch of different ones at the shop and this one seemed to fit best. I’m sure all the majors will be making them soon but I didn’t want to wait.

Got this weapon as a present, I have been eying it for months. As soon as I got it, we put 50 rounds through it and it was dead on right out of the box. Thank you Ruger

After one year and over 5000 rounds of all types not one jam. Have used both 10 and 17 rounds mags with no problems in feeding. Daily CCW with galco holster.

i had purchased this gun 12-31-2010. that night went out in fired it for the first time and i have to say that i am in love with this gun. for a petite woman its perfect. not alot of recoil, but has to the power to put an intruder down too. my husband loved mine so much that i couldnt get it away from him. and trust me he is an avid gun person. he USED to carry his 1911 on him for protection, now i had to buy him his own SR9c. he hasnt put it down since. except to sleep. haha. thanks ruger. this is the best gun i ever bought.

bought my 9c at gun show about a yr. ago and have sent @500 rnds. dwn range and no problems at all . am a great ruger fan and own the mkI and mk II 22 . Also p89 HAVE never had any kind of problem .

I bought my SR9C back in Feb. and have put 1,000 rounds through it. I had MAJOR issues the first time out, and it turned out to be the Remington UMC bulk pack ammo I had purchased. They were all short in overall length compared to all the other ammo I have purchased in 9mm, so the firing pin wasn’t able to get a full strike on the round.

I switched to Federal FMJ and WWB, and haven’t had an issue since. It has become my daily carry (replacing my Glock 27). It stays loaded with Federal HST ammunition, and fires and feeds them flawlessly. I put 500 rounds through the gun in one range visit alone, and didn’t see a single hiccup in performance.

I have an all black SR9c with about 400 rounds thru it, all flawless. This gun feels so right, everything about it I like. Manual safety is easy to flip off during a draw. It’s accurate, low recoil, nice trigger. But don’t believe me, buy one and see for yourself.

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