Remington HD Ultimate Home Defense Ammunition

Remington announced a new line of ammunition for home defense: the HD Ultimate Home Defense ammunition.  Announced at the 2010 SHOT Show, the new ammunition is available for both handguns and shotguns in a variety of popular calibers.


The bullets in the handgun ammunition are based on the tried and true brass-jacketed hollow points that Remington made famous with their successful line of Golden Saber ammunition.  Remington claims the bullets offer “massive expansion” and “deep penetration.”  The cases are nickel-plated.

Handgun loads are available for the most popular handgun defensive calibers:  9mm, .380 ACP, .38 Special +P, .40 S&W and .45 ACP.  Less popular calibers, such as .357 SIG and .327 Magnum, are not mentioned in the press release.  Remington reps at the show told me that customer demand drives many of the decisions on what new calibers to introduce.  So, if there is a lot of demand for a new caliber – 9mm Makarov, for example – the company will attempt to meet that demand.

The 12 gauge shotgun ammo uses Remington’s tungsten/bronze/iron pellets that are denser than standard lead pellets.  Remington states “these rounds deliver dense, devastating patterns and massive terminal knockdown.”

The .410 shotgun ammo uses standard lead pellets.  Remington said they designed the ammo with the Taurus Judge in mind.  I guess anyone who is making new .410 ammo, they are making it with the Taurus Judge in mind.  Is there anyone selling more .410 shotguns than Taurus is selling Judge revolvers?  I doubt it.


Update 2013

It appears that the Remington Ultimate Home Defense ammunition has either been dropped or rebranded.  The Home Defense ammo is not listed on the company’s website anymore, but the company did introduce a new line of Ultimate Defense ammo that uses the Golden Saber bullet.  So, it is possible that the new ammo is the same as the old ammo, just with a new look and brand.

Remington Ultimate Defense

Remington announced a new ammunition product for “combination” revolvers like the Taurus Judge line of handguns.  These ammunition packs include .410 shotshells and .45 Colt cartridges.

The shot shells use four pellets of 000-buck and the .45 Colt uses a Golden Saber bullet.

By Richard Johnson

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