New CCI Quiet-22 Ammo

CCI Quiet-22 ammoCCI is bringing out a new .22 LR cartridge called the Quiet-22.  The new rimfire round will be a low velocity round designed specifically to produce less noise when compared to a standard velocity 22 LR cartridge.  CCI claims a 75% reduction in noise.

The Quiet-22 uses a 40 grain round nose bullet and creeps along at only 710 fps.  This cartridge will function perfectly fine in any single shot or bolt action gun.  According to CCI, the round will also perform well in semi-auto firearms, though manual cycling may be required due to the low velocity.

So, why would anyone want a really slow, really quiet .22 LR cartridge?  I can think of a couple of reasons.  You may think of more.

Training New Shooters – New shooters tend to be recoil and noise sensitive.  That is one of the reasons why I suggest everyone, especially new shooters, double-up on hearing protections (plugs and muffs).  The lower the perceived noise, the less likely a flinch will develop.

Politeness – While I don’t mind hearing the occasional gunshot from my neighbors, I don’t particularly care to hear lots of shooting at the crack of dawn when I am trying to get a few extra minutes of sleep.  Reducing the amount of noise produced means you are less likely to annoy neighbors when on the back 40 getting in a little rimfire shooting.

I imagine pairing the CCI Quiet-22 ammo with a suppressor would make for an extremely stealthy pest gun.

Update:  CCI is now making a Quiet 22 load using a segmented hollow point for varmint hunting.  This ammo maintains the incredible low noise signature of the existing Quiet 22 line, but adds a devastating hollow point for the rapid incapacitation of small game and pests.  This ammo carries a slight premium when compared to other loads, but I can’t think of any other load that offers you the same knockdown power out of such a quiet load.

CCI Quiet 22 ammo

CCI Quiet-22 ammo

By Richard Johnson

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