Legacy Sports at the SHOT Show

The Legacy Sports International booth at the SHOT Show is shaping up to be a good place to spend some time this year.  They have announced the importation of a number of great looking guns recently.  Here is a run down of a few of the firearms we will see at the SHOT Show.


ISSC MK22 folded

Legacy announced they are now the exclusive importer of ISSC firearms into the United States.  This includes the M22 pistol and MK22 carbine, both chambered for the .22 LR.  The M22 pistol looks like a Glock, but according to Legacy Sports, it is much more similar to the Walther P22 as both the M22 and the P22 were designed by the same man.

The MK22 is a FN SCAR look-alike with a folding stock, quad-rails, etc.  Having shot the SCAR, I look forward to handling the MK22 to see if the feel is similar.  As much as I like the FN, it is way outside of my price range for what it does.  However, the MK22 might be fun to cart out to the range.

Citadel M-1 Carbines in .22 LR

In late October, Legacy Sports officially announced the arrival of the M-1 Carbine clone chambered for the .22 LR cartridge.  These guns are made by Chiappa in Italy.

The Citadel M-1 rifles are blowback designs that duplicate the external dimensions and look of the original M-1 Carbine.  The guns will ship with ten round magazines.

Citadel M-1 Carbine

There are two versions of the Citadel M-1:  one with a black synthetic stock and one with a traditional wood stock.  Very affordable, the Citadel M-1 has a MSRP of $349 for the synthetic stock model and $399 for the wood stock version according to their website.  However, a recent press release put the MSRP at $301 and $383 respectively.  Price drops are always nice.

Escort Shotguns

Legacy recently sent out press releases on the Escort Extreme Turkey and the Escort Extreme Waterfowl shotguns.  These scatterguns are semi-automatic that claim to reliably cycle all loads “…from 2.75 inch range loads through 3.5 inch heavy magnums.”  There was a time I would call BS on that claim, but technology advances and semi-auto shotguns are much more capable than they once were.

Escort Shotgun

Legacy Zombie ShirtHowa Zombie Survival T-Shirts

I didn’t realize Howa was on board with the zombie craze.  Regardless, you can grab one of these t-shirts (Medium – XXX-Large) for only $15 with free shipping and no extra costs for the jumbo sizes.  Ash would be pleased.

By Richard Johnson

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