Mossberg Tactical Lever Gun

Introduced at the 2012 SHOT Show, the Mosberg 464 SPX is a tactical, lever action rifle chambered in .30-30.  This lever gun is black (of course) and comes standard with a tri-rail and AR-style, adjustable buttstock.  Yes, it can be had with a flash hider.

(Ed. Note: You can read my Mossberg 464 SPX Review for additional information on this gun.)

Mossberg is also introducing a .22 LR version of the 464 tactical lever gun.  This model can be purchased with a muzzle break to help tame the wild recoiling rimfire.

Mossberg 464 SPX

Michael Bane mentioned the tactical .30-30 on his podcast a week or two ago.  I thought it could be very cool or a train wreck.  I’ll let you decide for yourself.  MSRP starts at $497 and goes up from there.

I’m a big fan of the lever action rifle as a home defense gun.  The .30-30 cartridge is more than adequate to stop a determined home invader.  Plus, in the aftermath, it is much harder for an attorney representing the “poor victim” to show you were a bloodthirsty killer by pointing to a walnut stocked lever action your daddy gave you.  I just don’t know if the 464 SPX is quite what I am thinking for self defense, but what the heck.  Different strokes for different folks.  If you like it, buy one and don’t worry about what anyone else might think.

Mossberg 464 SPX
The muzzle brake on the .22 LR version of the Mossberg 464 SPX.

2014 Update

Mossberg continues to sell the 464 SPX rifles. It would seem that they are a better seller than some people gave it credit for.

The MSRP has increased to $552 from the original $497. I suppose that is to be expected.

One thing Mossberg did do was the company added a zombie version of the rifle. The 464 ZMB is much the same gun, but with a splash of green for good measure. I do not have a photo of it to post. However, when I get one, I will add it to this page. The zombie version of the rifle has a suggested list price of $581.

By Richard Johnson

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What a pure shame it is to do that to a classy looking gun. Makes me want to cry. Pull that thing out on a bad guy and he’ll want to kill you just for having it.

‘Tactical’ is a miss-used term. All weather polymer stocks work for any gun and lighter. For a gun that might be used for working on killing varmints at night, a light isn’t a bad idea. Red dots and scopes are generally good ideas anyway. Mossberg went overboard on theirs in the wrong ways.

Lever-action rifles have evolved naturally, since the days of the Hunt/Jennings versions, while these new Mausburgh offerings are virulent MUTANTS of the worst imaginable sort, and should be eradicated immediately, and the “designers” banished to the farthest reaches of the known universe.. there are far too many lumps, bumps, corners and projections for these abominations to have any practical use as home-defense weapons.. They would get caught on everything from bedsheets and curtains to doors and furniture.. The .30-30 version will be extremely uncomfortable to shoot, with its “broken leg” stock and snaggle-toothed foreend..any accessory rails should have been placed AHEAD OF the fore end. Other than that, the only piece of unneccesry equipment missing would be a bayonet lug, but I seem to remember that the Feds frown on such attachments..

It may be just what the paranoid, ADD/ADHD crowd ordered, but has NO redeeming qualites for the lives of normal folks..

The 464 was an abysmal failure, the first time around, and putting black lipstick on it is just a waste ot good lamp-black…

This is an unmitigated disaster of a Frankenstein weapon. A collapsible stock on a lever gun WTF??? Calling a lever gun tactical WTF???

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