Smith & Wesson’s Focus on M&P Line

Smith & Wesson M&P AdvertisementSmith & Wesson is launching a new offensive in an effort to expand the M&P pistol line’s market share according to recently released documents.  New advertising and new guns are a significant part of the company’s new marketing push.

Grow the M&P

In an PowerPoint presentation dated February 2012, Smith & Wesson lists as their “Major Focus” the growth of the M&P pistol’s market share.  Part of their growth strategy includes “increased consumer advertising” and “increasing capacity to satisfy growing orders.”

An example of the increased advertising in shown on the right.  This is a S&W ad from the current issue of American Cop magazine.  The full page advertisement highlights many of the features that both individual shooters and law enforcement agencies would be interested in.

Additionally, according to the presentation, Smith & Wesson will increase support of their dealers with “strong merchandising materials,” training for armorers and something they call the “On-The-Hip Program.”

New M&P Models

In the PowerPoint, Smith & Wesson indicates that there are “new and exciting entries for [the] polymer pistol category,” including new guns for concealed carry and pistols for the “consumer and professional.”

S&W also indicated that they would expand the M&P rifle line with “additional calibers and models.”  I wonder if we will see a .308 M&P precision rifle?

Update 1

Smith & Wesson released a new pistol for concealed carry and/or back up duties called the Shield.  This new handgun is chambered in 9mm and .40 S&W, and maintains many of the features that M&P owners like.  The Shield has been extremely popular with citizens and law enforcement officers alike.

Also, Smith & Wesson introduced the M&P10, an AR-10 style rifle chambered for the 7.62 NATO/.308 Win round.  This rifle is selling every bit as well as any of the other popular rifles the company introduced in recent years.

Update 2

As I reported in February, Smith & Wesson is making a concentrated effort to push the M&P line of pistols.  The latest, two-page ad in American Handgunner is an example of their increased marketing:

Smith & Wesson M&P Ad

Personally, I like the M&P line and own one of the full-sized 9mm pistols.  A compact 9mm is on my short list of “guns to buy.”

Smith & Wesson suffered a number of huge setbacks including an ill-conceived agreement with the government (old owners) and a failure to evolve with the industry (losing huge market share to Glock).  Many wondered if the company was in a spiral toward oblivion.

In recent years, it appears S&W has gotten its mojo back.  The success of the M&P line hasn’t stopped with pistols.  The M&P15 line of rifles has proved to be very popular with the buying public and law enforcement agencies.  Additionally, guns like the Bodyguard series and even the Sigma (can you believe it?) have been selling very well for the company.

I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to seeing what the new Smith & Wesson Shield is going to be.

By Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson is a gun writer, amateur historian and - most importantly - a dad. He's done a lot of silly things in his life, but quitting police work to follow his passion of writing about guns was one of the smartest things he ever did. He founded this site and continues to manage its operation.

6 replies on “Smith & Wesson’s Focus on M&P Line”

I’m totally in love with my M&P 40. Part of me is considering dumping my Glock 20 as my carry piece and picking up another M&P to take its place as that would also provide me a backup pistol for competition.

Should S&W make an M&P in 10mm, I would hurt myself running to the gun store to buy one.

I can see it now:

The new Smith & Wesson L&G Model (Lizards and Geckos) chambered in 10mm. It comes with a bonus concealment holster that allows the owner to carry it on their hip without pants.

It will be a sure hit at the NRA convention!

I’d settle for an M&P that has a fiber front sight, a trigger that does not have to be replaced (every one I’ve fired has an absolutely horrible trigger), is not pink (do not want bright colors on a carry gun) and you can actually FIND. The M&P Pro in 9mm may fit the bill (having never fired one, I do not know if the trigger is even halfway decent, which would be a marked improvement), if you can find one. Good luck.

I heard the first generation M&P pistols had a “fishy” trigger. Due to so many complaints, on an otherwise outstanding pistol, the S&W guys worked up some tougher pins. I don’t own one (wish I did), but I’ve heard the trigger problems is mostly solved now.

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