Caracal CSR: Long Range Sniper Rifle from the UAE

Caracal CSR sniper rifle

Not yet shown in the United States, the Caracal CSR is a rifle that suggests high precision in a rugged design suitable for military and SWAT operations.

The CSR, or Caracal Sniper Rifle, is a bolt action gun chambered for the .308 Winchester round.  It is fed from a detachable, 10-round box magazine.  The barrels are hammer-forged and come in two lengths:  20″ and 23.62″.  The barrels are threaded and can come with some type of muzzle device (details are not known at this time.)

Caracal made the frame from high-grade aluminum.  The receiver is outfitted with a Picatinny rail for the quick mounting of an optic.  Picatinny rails can be added and removed from the full length hand-guard to allow the shooter to add equipment where needed, but not add unnecessary weight.

CSR rifle

The buttstock is fully adjustable for length of pull and height.  A monopod can be attached to the rear for further stability when shooting.

With the CSR, Caracal uses a pistol grip, which appears to be adaptable to many AR-15 style pistol grips.  Caracal offers a variety of accessories for the CSR including a bipod, suppressor, scope and sling.


At this time, it is not known if Caracal plans to export the rifle to the United States.

caracal CSR rifle

CSR sniper rifle

Caracal CSR
A highly stylized rendering of the Caracal CSR and pistols.

September 2013 Update

The Caracal CSR has been discontinued and replaced by a series of new rifles called the Tactical Sniper Rifle (TSR).  The TSR is being offered in three configurations:  CS308 in .308 Win, CS338 in .338 Lapua, and CS50 in .50 BMG.  All three rifles share many common features and look very similar.  For more information on the CS308 and CS338, click here.  If you want to read more about the new Caracal CS50, click here.

Caracal is also offering a new CH300 rifle.  The CH300 is a multi-caliber, single-shot hunting rifle that can be set up for .300 Win Mag, .338 Lapua and .408 CheyTac.  Click here to read more on the Caracal CH300.

By Richard Johnson

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I like the look of it, but the picture with the sparkly stuff is pretty lame. I wonder what kind of accuracy they are getting with this. 308 is the sweet spot for most folks, but a lot of mil units are going 338

I don’t know if I would trust anything from Caracal. Those guys have had multiple recals on the pistols so far. Don’t know if their designs are any good.

But, what does it offer that a 700 build does not? Ok, they can build a rifle, but why should anyone buy it?

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