Caracal CH300 Rifle

Caracal CH300

The new Caracal CH300 precision hunting rifle was announced at the 2013 Abu Dhabi International Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition.  The CH300 was one of several new rifles Caracal displayed at the exhibition.

The CH300 is a single-shot, bolt-action rifle that, like a growing number of high-end rifles, features the ability to rapidly change calibers.  Caracal claims that swapping calibers in the CH300 is easy, requiring only a barrel and bolt change to move between three different calibers.

Regarding calibers, there is a discrepancy in the Caracal literature.  In the description of the gun, calibers are listed as .308 Win, .300 Win Mag and .338 Lapua.  However, in the technical specifications, the .308 is not mentioned, and is replaced by the .408 CheyTac.  I doubt I need to say it, but there is a huge difference between the .308 and .408 cartridges.

Reading through the specs, it appears that .408 CheyTac is the correct caliber.  When I am able to get more definite information from Caracal, I will update this page.

Caracal CH300

The Caracal CH300 has a carbon fiber stock that is filled with some kind of dampening foam that the company claims to reduce felt recoil.  No measurements regarding the amount of recoil reduction achieved have been published by Caracal.

The trigger is a fully adjustable, two-stage trigger.

Barrel length is listed as 29.1″ (approximately) for the .300 Win Mag and for the .408 CheyTac, and 26.8″ for the .338 Lap Mag.  The weight is listed as 18.1 pounds for all three configurations, though I would imagine the .338 Lapua would be slightly lighter due to the shorter barrel.  There appears to be some type of significant muzzle device in the pictures of the new Caracal rifle.

Caracal CH300 rifle

Caracal CH300 Rifle

 .408 CheyTac.338 Lapua.300 Win Mag
barrel length29.1"26.8"29.1"
twist rate1:131:121:11
overall length56.3"53.9"56.3"
weight18.1 pounds18.1 pounds18.1 pounds

The CH300 has a “Euro Size rail” for attaching a bipod.  What, if any, accessories are included with the rifle is not known.  It is also unknown if Caracal will ship the CH300 with more than one caliber.

It is not yet known if this rifle will be imported to the United States.  No MSRP is listed for the rifle.

new Caracal CH300

The Caracal CH300 is one of several new firearms introduced by Caracal in a significant product line shake-up.

By Richard Johnson

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I agree with Carl – foam filled stocks reek of cheap, and not of quality. It would appear that Caracal sought a way to reduce price with a unsubstantiated claim of reduced recoil. Give me a solid stock to absorb recoil, along with a rubber butt stock and call it good.

Some of the latest recoil-reduction using springs inside the stock seems acceptable, but not foam.

The gun looks nice, but I just don’t know if I can imagine this company as a precision rifle maker. We will see I suppose, but I will not be one of the first in line for one.

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