Caracal CS50 – Bolt Action 50 BMG

Caracal CS50

Add another big bore rifle to the market:  the Caracal CS50.  The new CS50 is part of the company’s Tactical Sniper Rifle (TSR) line and is chambered in the famous .50 BMG cartridge.

There is not a lot of information yet on the Caracal CS50, but we do know that it is a bolt-action rifle fed from a detachable magazine.  The gun uses a 7075 aluminum receiver and stock, with a stainless steel bolt and barrel.  The stock is designed to be lightweight and is supposed to fold for easy transport.

As with many .50 BMG rifles, the CS50 is a large, heavy rifle.  The barrel length is approximately 31″ and the overall length of the gun is a little more than 60″.  Unloaded and without optics or a bipod, the gun weighs in at almost 19 pounds.  Compare this to the Bushmaster BA50 that has a 30″ barrel, 58″ overall length and 30 pound weight.

The CS50 has Picatinny rails for the attachment of optics and a bipod.  There is also a Picatinny rail on the bottom of the buttstock for the addition of a stabilizing monopod.  Caracal states the CS50 has a “recoil absorption system,” but does not describe the system or how it works.

Caracal CS50 rifle

Caracal does not talk about a sound suppressor for this rifle, but the photos show a CS50 rifle with a suppressor-like device in place over the barrel and brake, while another photo shows the same device removed and placed next to the rifle.  On Caracal’s website, there is a reference to suppressors in the accessory section, but there are no details or photos of anything that looks like what is in the CS50 photos.

Caracal CS50 Specifications

caliber50 BMG
standard magazine capacityfive rounds
barrel length31"
twist rate1:15
overall length60.25"
weight (unloaded)18.75 pounds
receiver7075 aluminum
stock7075 aluminum, detachable and adjustable
boltstainless steel

I would expect to see the Caracal CS50 rifle on display at the 2014 SHOT Show, along with all of the other new guns from this company.  The company appears to be revamping their product line, and the CS50 looks to be a solid part of the new line-up.

Caracal CS50 rifle

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[…] The Caracal CSR has been discontinued and replaced by a series of new rifles called the Tactical Sniper Rifle (TSR).  The TSR is being offered in three configurations:  CS308 in .308 Win, CS338 in .338 Lapua, and CS50 in .50 BMG.  All three rifles share many common features and look very similar.  For more information on the CS308 and CS338, click here.  If you want to read more about the new Caracal CS50, click here. […]

I’m all for having more .50 rifles on the market. I hope the price is something to really help bring the prices down on this category of guns.

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