Armscor to Introduce “Super-Secret” New Duty Pistol

Armscor logoArmscor is developing a new duty pistol that will “revolutionize the law enforcement industry.”

Martin Tuason, the CEO of Armscor, was on the Down Range Radio podcast with Michael Bane last week.  During the course of the conversation, Tuason spoke candidly about the company’s current lines, the expansion of the company’s ammunition business and the development of new firearms for the shooting public.  One of the things talked about was the development of a brand new line of full size handguns.

“Something really cool [is] in the works that’s going to revolutionize the law enforcement industry,” said Tuason.  “I’ve got a super-secret gun.  We call it the Mona Lisa because it’s Freddy’s masterpiece.”

“Freddy” is Fred Craig of Atomitronx.  Craig is a firearms designer who worked with Armscor to bring the .22 TCM cartridge and guns to market.  Craig has also designed a number of other pistols, including the gas-operated M11 Merc.

Rock Island Armory 22 TCM
Shooting the Fred Craig designed .22 TCM.

According to Tuason, the new pistols will use an internal hammer instead of being a striker-fired pistol like a Glock.  The first pistols will be available in 9mm and .40 S&W.  Although Tuason did not suggest any additional calibers, market demand can encourage the company to expand to additional calibers such as .45 ACP.

Unlike any of the other firearms made by Armscor, the new guns will be made in the United States at a facility in Pahrump, Nevada.  Armscor currently owns a facility in Nye County, Nevada, but it is not known if that will be the site for the new factory, or if a second property will be developed.

I’m not sure what kind of pistol can be developed that will radically alter the law enforcement firearms market.  That sector of the firearms industry is fairly entrenched in the Glock camp.  Although Smith & Wesson has made significant inroads with the M&P line of handguns, Glock still holds an estimated 60-65% market share.

Of course, targeting the law enforcement market is one way the company can help gain credibility in the general public for a new line of guns.  The average consumer who sees the local cops carrying a particular pistol will assume it is a superior product and will be more likely to buy one absent additional research.

I’m curious to see what Armscor comes up with.  I hope to see at least a prototype of this gun at the SHOT Show in January.  Armscor is listed as an exhibitor at the Industry Days at the Range (formerly known as Media Day at the Range), so we might even get the chance to shoot one of these.

What do you think they might show?  Do you think Armscor has a chance at taking a portion of the LE market?

By Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson is a gun writer, amateur historian and - most importantly - a dad. He's done a lot of silly things in his life, but quitting police work to follow his passion of writing about guns was one of the smartest things he ever did. He founded this site and continues to manage its operation.

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I would like to see a 22 TCM Carbine. I have the 1911 22 TCM pistol from Armscor and it is a great performer with very low recoil!

A carbine is what I want to see for the .22 TCM! A smaller handgun in a different pattern than the 1911 would work too.

I’d like to see Armscor come out with a new tactical version of the 1911 chambered in the 38 Super. It seems to me that this would be a real hit with the Rock Island enthusiasts who are seeking a 38 Super that is an upgrade from the 2 versions that are currently offered by Armscor. Also, because of the recent popularity of this Old School caliber it would no doubt make good business sense as well, since there is currently only one 1911 manufacturer who makes a tactical version that is well under a $1K price tag.

internal quad sided hammer, hammer rotating on shaft like a propeller. timed to slide, bottom shell extraction.

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