Windham Weaponry AR .308 Rumor

Windham Weaponry AR15
A Windham Weaponry AR-15 finished in TruTimber Snowfall Camo

As we inch closer to the 2014 SHOT Show, rumors of new guns are starting to leak out.  Some of the guns seem likely, while others are a bit more far-fetched.  One gun I expect we will see is the new Windham Weaponry AR in .308.

One of the more popular things in the AR-market right now is the .308 caliber rifle.  Smith & Wesson launched a new line of them in January, while Ruger recently announced their own SR-762.  According to the company newsletter, Maine-based Windham Weaponry is working on a .308 Win version of the company’s own rifles right now.

The Windham Weaponry .308 is in the prototype stage, and is undergoing testing right now.  The rifles may be ready to ship as soon as the end of the year, I feel confident that we will see them on display at the SHOT Show regardless.

While full details are expected in the next month or two, the newsletter stated the rifle will have forged uppers and lowers.  The first model introduced will have a 16″ barrel and should weigh in around 7.5 pounds.  A single Magpul 20-round magazine will ship with the rifle.  No word yet on pricing.

A July post from Windham Weaponry on the AR15.c0m forum indicated this rifle will be a direct gas impingement gun, not a piston driven rifle.  I would therefore expect the pricing to be less than the SR-762 – maybe around the $1,500-$1,600 mark.

I expect that those 20-round Magpul magazines will get quite popular in the coming year.  As more companies include them standard with their rifles (the Ruger-762 includes three with each rifle), plus more are bought in the aftermarket, there could be a fair amount of pressure placed on the production.  A word to the wise:  buy them when you can find them, as they may not be easier to find later.

If you are not familiar with Windham Weaponry, the company was started in 2011, after Bushmaster pulled out of Windham, Maine.  The former Bushmaster owner, Richard Dyke, had been bought out in 2006, and when the company moved, he started a new AR-15 manufacturing business in the same location and with many of the same people that Bushmaster left behind.  I’ve not had the chance to shoot one of the company’s rifles, but I have handled one in my local dealer’s shop.  The guns seemed very well made.

For all of the news on new guns for 2014, check out our SHOT Show page where we keep track of all of the announcements, plus give you on-the-scene reporting from the event.

Update – December 2013

The Windham Weaponry SRC-308 rifle has been officially announced.  Read more about the SRC-308 rifle here.

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I hope they offer it in the same camo pattern as the rifle in the picture. I’d love to take it on hunts up in rural Maine.

I think Glenn is right – there are a lot of .30 caliber rifles being introduced. For a while the trend has been toward 223, now back to .308. Anyone want to guess where the next ammo shortage is going to be…?

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