Beretta 1301 Tactical Shotgun

Beretta 1301 Tactical

The Beretta 1301 Tactical shotgun looks like a reality.  The 1301 Tactical is a 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun based on the 1301 Competition gun.  It uses a gas operating system that Beretta claims has 36% faster cycling than other brands.

It has a three inch chamber and hold five rounds in the tubular magazine.  The barrel is 18.5″ long and is not vent ribbed like the competition version of the gun.  Ghost ring sights are standard on this shotgun, which in my own experience I have found to be great on defensive shotguns.  I certainly like them much better than a single brass bead.

Among the other features on the 1301 Tactical shotgun that may be of interest to shooters are:

  • oversized charging handle
  • large bolt release
  • oversized, reversible button on a cross bolt safety
  • Picatinny rail on the receiver for the addition of an optic

Beretta 1301 Tactical shotgun

Beretta 1301 Tactical Shotgun Specifications

model numberJ131T18
chamber size3"
magazine capacityfive shells
actionsemi-automatic, gas-operated
barrel length18.5"
stockblack synthetic
finishmatte black
sightsghost ring

Beretta has not announced a shipping date for these shotguns, and they are not yet listed on the company website.  I would expect that the company will made a large splash with the 1301 Tactical at the upcoming SHOT Show, and have a shipping date early in 2014.  Sooner would be better, but only time will tell.

Update – December 2013

Beretta just uploaded a short video of the 1301 Tactical in action.  The video is not an in-depth introduction, but it does show some of the details of the gun, plus the shooter running through a couple of magazines of shells.

By Richard Johnson

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I have the Beretta 1301 Comp and it is awesome. It eats everything. Even the light loads no problem. I am so glad I went with this versus the Benelli M4. The M4 in my opinion is way over priced. But whatever floats your boat. There is a good versus youtube video on these fine shotguns.

I bought this shotgun on Saturday. I love it. The fit and finish is exceptional. The oversized charging handle is perfect for night ops and gloved hands, while the barrel is a perfect length. I look forward to shooting it and seeing how fast the gas operated system works. I did tons of research prior to my purchase. All media, printed advertisements and my sales guy at Gander Mountain reported the weapon’s capacity as “5+1”. When I got it home and read the owner’s manual, however, I found that the magazine capacity is reduced at the factory to a limit of 2 rounds by a limiter plug.. I confirmed the bad news by my inability to feed a third shell into the magazine tube.. (Who in the heck wants a tactical shotgun with 3 -round capacity???!!! I’m not shooting sporting-clays at the hunt club with this shotgun.) What a pain.. Anyway, I called Beretta’s support line, and a guy told me how to remove the plug. The project sounds harmless enough, but I am not very technical and I am afraid of screwing up my new shotgun. I am going to have to spend money to have a gunsmith remove the plug so I can be assured that it was done correctly. I think the shooting media and Beretta should be more up-front about the off-the-shelf capacity of the gun. Although I am sure I will enjoy the 1301 Tactical after its trip to the gunsmith, I probably would not have made the purchase if I would have known that I would have to modify it into a true “tactical” weapon after I got it home…

Jeffy B….don’t go to the smith to remove the plug! its simple. Just do what it sounds like . . . after u pull out the magazine assembly (see owners manual) just reinstall without plug (looks like just that . . . plug). or buy a Nordic extender . . . about $70 bucks. Gives u two more rounds.

I was also surprised a tactical shotgun would have a 2 shot plug limiter installed. I removed the plug and I only get 4+1 capacity not 5+1 as advertised. Also, many retailers mention it as accepting chokes but mine is a smooth non-choke barrel?

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