The New Kahr CT40 and CT45 Pistols

Kahr CT45

Kahr will introduce two new, full-sized pistols in 2014:  the CT40 and the CT45 handguns.  The new pistols will be the same size as the TP series guns, but with a much lower suggested retail price.

Like the CW-series of handguns, Kahr is reducing the production costs on the CT40 and the CT45 through the uses of MIM parts, a less expensive barrel and the reduction of machining operations on the slide.

The CT40 and CT45 are single stack pistols.  This allows them to stay thin and relatively flat as compared to other guns of a similar height and overall length.  Width of these guns should be about 1″.  Magazine capacity will be seven rounds.

The following are changes in the CT line from the TP line:

  • the slide has less machining and less contouring
  • the front sight is pinned, not dovetailed
  • the slide engraving is scroll engraved, not laser engraved
  • both the slide stop and extractor are MIM parts, not machined
  • the barrels are standard, not polygonal rifled, match barrels
  • only one magazine ships with the gun
  • guns will ship in cardboard boxes, not ABS plastic cases

Kahr expects to ship the CT40 and CT45 pistols in early 2014.  The MSRP on these guns is expected to be $449, which is nearly $250 less than the TP40 and TP45 handguns.

Missing from the introduction of the CT series of guns is a 9mm version.  Kahr expects to introduce a 9mm version of the pistol in 2014, though it appears to be a secondary concern to the company.

A big thank you to Gallery of Guns for taking the time to get a Kahr representative on video to discuss these new handguns.

I own a CM9 and have gotten very good service from it.  I know some people get a little concerned about MIM parts.  The TP series is still available for anyone wanting all machined parts.  For everyone else, there is now a less expensive option for a larger gun from Kahr.

Update – December 2013

Kahr sent out a press release and photos giving more details on the CT45 and CT40 pistols.  According to the company, the extended downturn in the economy has increased demand for lower priced handguns.  Kahr has positioned the CT40 and CT45 pistols as being a “value-priced” option to the existing TP9, TP40 and TP45 firearms.

Kahr CT45

Kahr CT40 Specifications

caliber.40 S&W
magazine capacityseven
number of included magazinesone
barrel length4"
overall length6.5"
width (slide width only given)0.94"
weight (with unloaded magazine)21.8 oz

Kahr CT4543 pistol

Kahr CT45 Specifications

caliber.45 ACP
magazine capacityseven
number of included magazinesone
barrel length4.04"
overall length6.57"
width (slide width only given)1.01"
weight (with unloaded magazine)23.7 oz

Kahr expects to start shipping these guns in February 2014.  Both models will carry a MSRP of only $499.  A CT9 pistol should show up in late 2014.

By Richard Johnson

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I’m kind of surprised they skipped the 9mm for the initial introduction. The .45 makes sense, and I guess the .40 does. But doesn’t the 9mm sell more guns than the other two put together?

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