Taurus View – It’s Really Small

Taurus View

In the category of guns that I don’t want to shoot is the new Taurus View.  It looks a little funny, but it is the size of the gun that suggests it would not be any fun to shoot.

The gun is very light, and the grip only allows me to wrap a few fingers around it.  This makes the gun easy to carry, but shooting it might be a little difficult.  Stoke it with 158 grain +P loads and you better hold on tight.  I wonder if this gun will be more or less painful than a DoubleTap pistol…

Taurus View photo

Taurus View picture

Taurus View revolver

By Richard Johnson

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Get rid of the “view” part, really hokey, make the hammer completely internal, and extend the ejector rod to the end of the barrel to get the most use out of it, and I’ll buy one.

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