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Gilboa Snake – A civilian legal version of the double-barrel AR-15 called the Snake is in development now.  This gun will have two triggers so that each action is independently controlled.  This is (presumably) done to avoid any problems with the BATFE and the National Firearms Act.  Currently, the company is expecting to have a limited quantity available in the fall of 2014.

Polymer Rhino – As previously reported, Chiappa is expanding the line of Rhino revolvers to include one with a polymer frame.  The new Polylite 20DS revolver should be available in the United States in September 2014.  The gun is chambered for the .38 Special , though it is not clear if it will be rated for +P loads.  The barrel is 2″ long and the unloaded weight of the gun is about 19 ounces.  Like the other Rhino revolvers, this gun shoots from the 6 o’clock position.  More information and photos of the Chiappa Polylite can be found here.

polymer Chiappa rhino

TRUGLO TFO Sights for 1911TRUGLO announced they are now selling Novak sites for the 1911 using the company’s tritium-fiber optic (TFO) technology.  TRUGLO has been selling TFO sights for years, and I have found them to be very bright in all lighting conditions.

truglo tfo 1911

Powder Keg Precision Steel MatchDesertTech is hosting a precision rifle match on July 12 at the company’s training facility in Plymouth, Utah.  Shooting distances run from 25 yards to 1,200 yards.  All stages are timed.  $30 gets you in and feeds you lunch.  Prizes include an 8 pound keg of Hodgdon 4350 powder.  For information, give them a call at (801) 975-7272, extension 301.

powder keg match

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The Gilboa Snake is an interesting concept, and one that will surely raise the eyebrow of “unique” firearms collectors, but I have to say that is going to be one heavy rifle.

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