CMMG Mk47 Mutant Rifles

CMMG Mk47 AKM Action

CMMG announced three new rifles in the newly introduced Mk47 line: the Mk47 Mutant T, Mutant AKM and Mutant AKM2. These are AR-style rifles chambered for the 7.62×39 that accept standard AK-47 magazines.

The base model is the Mutant T, while the AKM and AKM2 offer varying upgrades. Let’s run down the basics of these rifles and take a look at some of the upgrades in the line.

CMMG Mk47 Rifle Line Up

 Mk47 Mutant TMk47 Mutant AKMMk47 Mutant AKM2
barrel length16.1"16.1"16.1"
muzzle deviceA2 compensatorCMMG SV brakeCMMG SV brake
hand guardCMMG RKM15 KeyModCMMG RKM15 KeyModCMMG RKM15 KeyMod
triggersingle stagesingle stageGeissele SSA Two-Stage
buttstockA4-style 6-positionMagpul CTRMagpul CTR
pistol gripA2-styleMagpul MOEMagpul MOE
weight7 pounds7.2 pounds7.2 pounds
overall length32.75" (stock collapsed)33.5" (stock collapsed)33.5" (stock collapsed)

Operation & Bolt Carrier Group

Mk47 Bolt Face

Like other AR-style rifles, the Mk47 is a direct gas impingement gun. It uses a carbine length gas system.

The Mk47 uses a modified AR-10 bolt for strength. The BCG has been reduced to a length of only 8″, but retains all of the thickness and durability of the AR-10 bolt face.


CMMG ships all of these rifles with the relatively new Magpul AK-type PMAGs. One 30-round magazine ships with each gun.

The rifles use an AK-style latch system for magazine retention. While not as handy as a push-button style mag release, it helps ensure that all of the existing AK-47 magazines should work in these rifles.

Mk4 Shooting

So, if you have a stockpile of surplus ComBloc mags or a case of the ridiculously cheap Tapco mags you will be set. Additional√ā¬†Magpul magazines are available for less than $14 apiece at full retail.



All three versions of the gun use a 16.1″ barrel with a 1:10 twist. The barrel has a medium taper profile and is free floated.

The base Mutant T model comes equipped with an A2-style compensator. A CMMG SV brake is used on both the AKM and AKM2 models.



KeyMod is the name of the game in many of the new AR-style rifles hitting the market. The Mk47 rifles are no different.

All three rifles come with a CMMG RKM15 KeyMod handguard. These are thin units that offer a lot of ventilation for the barrel. The rails are made of 6061-T6 aluminum. They offer a lot of mounting points for KeyMod accessories and Picatinny rail lengths.


No sights ship with these rifles. I would hope that the guns would come with MBUS sights (or something similar,) but they do not. While many people will want to add a red-dot type optic, iron sights are always appreciated.

AR-10 Compatibility


According to CMMG, the following parts are interchangeable with any MilSpec/non-ArmaLite parts:

  • trigger assembly
  • hand guard
  • pistol grip
  • buffer tube assembly
  • butt stock
  • gas system
  • muzzle device


CMMG produced the following video that highlights the features of the guns:


If you are interested in these new rifles, make sure you check out my review of them by clicking here.

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Love the BCG! I would NEVER personally own a 7.62×39 AR-15… Until not.. Well technically MK-47 not AR15 but the Bolt Face is beefy and not as worried as I was before with the Bolt failing.

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