Caracal Hacked – Loss of Data?

Caracal Hacked

It appears that Caracal – the firearms manufacturer in the UAE – has been hacked. A visit to their website shows a page that Google roughly translates to “we don’t like you because of a political agenda.” In and of itself, this is not something that we would normally cover at

However, if you have done business with Caracal in the past, your information may have been compromised. For example, if you had purchased one of the ill-fated model C pistols, your details may be on file with Caracal when you returned the gun for a refund.

There is no way to know what information, if any, may have been compromised in this cyber attack. It is very possible that no customer information has been lost or otherwise accessed. However, if you are concerned that your information could have been taken, you may wish to contact Caracal directly about the situation.

The phone number I have for Caracal USA is (205) 655-7050. Caracal USA does not have a separate site from the mother company.

Update: The Caracal site is back up and looks to be back to normal.

Unfortunately, the site looks like it is advertising for a company that is going out of business. The most recent information on the site dates to 2013. I’m guessing that we will not see a big push by the company to release new products in the US at the SHOT Show.

By Richard Johnson

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