New Mossberg Blaze Rifles

Mossberg Blaze Rifle Kryptek Camo

Introducing the Mossberg Blaze Rifles. This all new family of .22 LR rifles is officially being introduced at the 2015 SHOT Show, and we’ve got all of the information on the entire line here.

There are a total of 12 new rifle models being introduced. Four of the guns have a strong resemblance to the AK-47, while the other eight are more traditional in nature.

Ok, here’s the whole run down…

“Standard” Blaze Rifles

The plain Blaze rifles all have fixed-length synthetic stocks with 16.5″ blued barrels. Each weighs in at 3.6 pounds.

Mossberg Blaze Rifle with Moonshine Camo

One of these rifles, the Bantam, has a reduced length of pull stock (12″ vs 13.5″.) This rifle has an overall length of 34.25″ and a 10 round magazine, but is otherwise identical to the other guns.

Of the seven other models, four have black stocks. The remaining three stocks have camo finishes:  Moonshine Muddy Girl, Moonshine Wildfire and Kryptek Highlander. The Kryptek stock gun ships with a 25 round mag, while the Moonshine guns ship with a 10 round magazine.

Mossberg Blaze Rifle

Two of the black stock guns come standard with a Dead Ringer holo sight. These sights are user selectable as a red or green dot. They appear to be the Monteria sight that has an MSRP of $112.

Adjustable rifle sights are standard on all of the guns, except the Kryptek and the guns pre-fitted with the Dead Ringer sights. Those guns delete the rifle sights and add an accessory rail on the top of the receiver.

Standard Blaze rifles carry a MSRP of $187. The Dead Ringer model will retail for $252. Wildfire and Muddy Girl versions have a suggested retail of $228. The Kryptec carries a bit of a cool tax and will retail for $270.


The Mossberg Blaze-47 rifles are rimfire guns modeled after the AK-47. Four models exist in this branch of the Blaze line.

Mossberg Blaze AK-47

Two models have 25 round magazines. One has wood furniture and most closely resembles an AK-47. The second has black synthetic furniture with an adjustable length stock. This has styling cues from both the original AK-47 and the more recent AK-74M.

The other two models come with 10 round magazines. One has wood furniture, while the second has black synthetic furniture. The black model has a fixed stock, likely to make it accessible to states with more restrictive gun laws.

Both of the synthetic stocked guns can use the FLEX System butt pads. These pads are in varying thicknesses to further adjust the length of pull.

Blaze-47 rifles have fiber optic sights standard. The rear sights are adjustable.

Wood furniture guns weigh in at 4.8 pounds. The synthetic stock guns weigh 4.3 pounds. All of these rifles have 16.5″ blued barrels.

The wood version of the gun carries a suggested retail of $375. The all black synthetic model is a little cheaper at $329.

Mossberg is really making some moves in 2015. For example, they eliminated the existing 4×4 and ATR product lines and replaced them with the Patriot. Read more about the Patriot here.

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