Taurus Raging Hunter: .44 Magnum Hunting Revolver

Taurus Raging Hunter

Taurus announced its latest addition to its hunting revolver line: the Raging Hunter. It will be officially unveiled at the 2018 SHOT Show.

This massive .44 Magnum is a 6-shot wheelgun with a traditional double action/single action trigger. However, the gun has a distinctly non-traditional look about it.

To start with, the 8.375″ barrel is a two piece design with a steel sleeve inside of an aluminum housing. The housing has an octagonal shape with a large slab sides. “TAURUS” is spelled out along the side. The barrel housing also has a deep black finish that contrasts the matte stainless frame. An all blued version of the gun is also available.

barrel of the Taurus Raging Hunter

Lest you think the barrel assembly is purely for show, it does have some features that may appeal to you. For example, the aluminum housing helps to lighten the load to provide a better balance to the gun. Also, the top of the barrel housing has a Picatinny rail for the addition of a scope or red dot optic.

Taurus also elected to port the barrel of the Raging Hunter. This should help tame the power of the .44 Magnum so that us older shooters who have begun to develop arthritis don’t feel quite as much of the recoil impulse. The porting should help keep muzzle rise down and improve the ability to get on target.

Also helping to tame recoil is the “red stripe” grip that Taurus uses on its heavy recoiling guns. This grip is made of a soft rubber with a red cushioned insert along the back. I’ve found these grips to be fairly good at lessening the impact into the hand when shooting.

grips on the Raging Hunter

Using an aluminum barrel housing may help reduce weight as compared to an all steel system, but this gun is not a featherweight. Unloaded it weighs 55 ounces. That’s about 3.5 pounds.

Taurus set the suggested retail price at $919 for the handgun. Your dealer may be willing to sell it for less.

caliber.44 Magnum
capacity6 rounds
actiondouble action/single action
barrel length8.375"
overall length15.75"
weight55 ounces
sightspinned front, adjustable rear, Picatinny rail for optic
griprubber with cushioned insert
finishblued and matte stainless or all blued

The “Raging” moniker is not new for Taurus. Several of the company’s more powerful revolvers have had Raging as part of the name. For example, the Raging Judge Magnum was a wheelgun that expanded the .45 Colt/.410 bore Judge revolver line to include the .454 Casull cartridge.

Probably my favorite Raging revolver was the ill-fated Raging Judge XXVIII. It was a revolver chambered for the 28 gauge shotshell. Alas, it appeared Taurus could not make the design work under the legal constraints of the US government and had to shelf the project. At least I got to see one before it was pulled from public view. I imagine it is stored in the same warehouse where the Ark of the Covenant is kept after Indian Jones rescued it from Nazi Germany.

By Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson is a gun writer, amateur historian and - most importantly - a dad. He's done a lot of silly things in his life, but quitting police work to follow his passion of writing about guns was one of the smartest things he ever did. He founded this site and continues to manage its operation.

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From what I see, it looks like they took many of the features of the old Dan Wesson revolver, namely the barrel shroud and the forward crane latch and updated them. Did they also use the mortice and tenon grip system or go with a traditional perimeter grip frame?

I would talk to your local gun shop about ordering you one. Not every dealer will carry this in stock, but all of them should be able to order one from a distributor. This is assuming sales haven’t stripped the distributors dry -and- Taurus is actually shipping the guns. In some instances, Taurus announced a gun but then delayed shipping them for months. If distributors say Taurus is not shipping the guns, you might want to contact them directly at 800-327-3776.


Hi Grey,

As a follow up, I talked to a Taurus rep this morning. She advised that demand on the Raging Hunter has been very high. In response, the company has ramped up production on this gun and is starting to ship in larger quantities. I’d recommend talking to your dealer. They can put in a request with the sales rep they work with at their distributor to hold one as soon as they come in.

I hope this helps.


Any ideas on how to find the Taurus soft case that comes with this gun? I cannot find one anywhere, and I just purchased the gun from my FFL who ordered it for me, but I asked for the one with the case and when I came to DROS it they tell me the one with the case was not available to them. I should have purchased it online, I would have even saved money on it. Oh, well…lesson learned. Now I want the actual Taurus soft case. Can you give me any ideas where to find one? The Taurus website did not have any in their accessories page.

I’d suggest checking GunBroker or eBay to see if someone is selling a soft case. Otherwise, I’d suggest calling Taurus direct and seeing what they can do for you. Good luck!


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