SCCY DVG1 – New Striker-Fired 9mm Pistol


Florida-based SCCY appears ready to launch a new striker-fired pistol called the DVG1. (Scroll down for updates including the crazy price on the red dot version.)

Print advertising for the new SCCY DVG1 handgun appeared in magazines this week though the company does not have any mention of it on its website. Nevertheless, the ad does include a significant amount of information about the new pistols.

The start with, the guns appear to be thinner versions of the existing 9mm CPX-1 and -2 handguns. The lengths and heights are identical – 6.01″ and 5.06″ respectively – but the width has been narrowed from 1.40″ to a svelt 1.0″.

A thinner body has not impacted its capacity. Magazines hold 10 rounds of 9mm ammunition each. This puts up to 11 rounds in the shooter’s hand before a reload is needed. Unloaded, the guns weigh 15.5 ounces.


The really big change for the company is that this gun is a striker-fired pistol. Prior guns from SCCY have been hammer-fired.

Moving to a striker system, SCCY was able to drop the factory trigger pull to about 5.5 pounds. This is substantially less than the company’s other offerings that have a long, moderately heavy pull.

No suggested price is listed for the SCCY DVG1, but I suspect that will be forthcoming shortly.










barrel length


overall length





15.5 oz




matte black


$289, $389 for red dot version

I would not be surprised to see a number of follow-on handguns such as a DVG2 that incorporates a manual thumb safety. Likewise, a .380 ACP version of the gun may also be in the works. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I’ve previously handled, shot and reviewed a number of SCCY pistols including a prototype of the CPX-3. With a single exception, all of the guns shot well and were completely reliable. The sole exception was a CPX-2 pistol that was fixed and returned to me within a week.

SCCY DVG1 review

I look forward to seeing the DVG-1 at the upcoming SHOT Show and getting it on the range for some shooting.


SCCY officially announced the DVG-1 today, and the company added a twist: a second model with a Crimson Trace red dot. This model is designated the DVG-1RD and will come with the CT optic factory mounted.


The optic used is the Crimson Trace CTS-1500. While the CTS-1500 is not listed on the Crimson Trace website, it is the same pistol red dot that is used on the existing SCCY red dot pistols. The closest product on the CT website is the CTS-1400 that uses a 3.25 MOA dot and has an MSRP of $299.

Crimson Trace backs the CTS-1500 optic with a 3-year warranty. It uses a 3.5 MOA dot. The DVG-1RD will only cost $100 more than the standard model. For a factory-mounted, brand name red dot that seems to be a very good deal.

A couple of additional pieces of information about the new guns.

Unlike prior SCCY pistols, the DVG-1 and DVG-1RD will have flat triggers. This style of trigger is enjoyed by many people, but it is a personal preference thing. I don’t know of any data that supports one style of trigger being better than another for accuracy or speed.

Additionally, the company clarified that it will use the Quadlock barrel in this gun. The Quadlock was first used on the company’s .380 ACP pistols.

By Richard Johnson

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Boy I’m a dummy. About 2 years ago I made the transition from the S&W 3rd generation DA/SA 9mm. My trusty 3913 (from 1992) was getting heavy and I was no longer in IPSC competitions. My 915 was my competition gun but it had the same controls as the 3913 (Mag safety, slide safety, take down etc). Hard to believe they are 28 years old! I made the leap to my first plastic DA only SCCY CPX2 thinking that it was striker fired. I could see a little hammer but it did not register. The 9 lb pull was even more than my 3913. Now we have the DVG which is SCCY’s “first” striker fired. What? Putz! I still love my steel slide, aluminum frame guns. 7000 rnd through the 915 with no hiccups on reloads. They SCCY is a bit particular with overall length. Gets stuck on the ramp on round 3 sometimes. Also, the old mags fit in current guns but the new mags won’t catch in the old gun. The mag release port is .001 smaller in height and .002 closer to the front cut so it won’t engage the release. Still, I’m in the market for the DVG simply because of the 5.5 lb pull. They are saying the the CPX2 is 1.4 in thick. Mine is 1.1 which is the same as DVG.

Can someone help me I live in Wisconsin and I’m looking to purchase not one but two of these firearms where would I start to look

Hi Charlie,

The guns are not shipping yet. However, SCCY states the guns will ship by the end of March.
When the guns start shipping, I’ll update the page. So, stay tuned!


Hi Loretta,

I imagine they will make the guns in any colors they believe will sell. The company hasn’t shied away from offering a variety of colors in its other models.


I’m really excited to try one of these out! I’ve shot my husband’s SCCY, but it has a long trigger that is just too heavy for my tastes. This could be the exact pistol I want.

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