Comprehensive Beretta APX Holster List

If you are looking for a Beretta APX holster, you’ve come to the right place. We are assembling a comprehensive list of every carry rig available for this striker-fired pistol.

Recently announced by Beretta, the new APX pistol looks to be a real contender for the holsters of US law enforcement officers and militaries around the world. Although it was just announced, there are several rigs that should already work with this new gun. As time goes on, new custom leather and Kydex holsters will become available.

So, without further ado, here is the GunsHolstersAndGear list of Beretta APX holsters…


Since this gun is designed for police and military service, it only makes sense that Blackhawk makes three of drop leg holsters that will fit. The first is the Universal Drop Leg holster. The second is the Omega IV Ultra Universal holster. The final is the Special Operations holster. All of these rigs attach to a standard rigging or nylon duty belt and then to the upper thigh of the officer or soldier.

Cebeci Arms

An inside-the-waistband holster, the Quick & Dirty from Cebeci Arms is a universal style rig that works with full size handguns like the APX. The Quick & Dirty has a clip that allows the holster to work with virtually any size casual belt and securely hold the Beretta in place. While it may not be the most exciting option on the market, it is priced right at less than $20.


Condor makes a nylon rig that mounts onto a plate carrier, vest or other gear using MOLLE. The Tactical VT holster is designed to wrap around the pistol and will work with guns that have a light mounted. It is oriented vertically, but may work at an angle.

Uncle Mike’s

An adjustable MOLLE holster is available for the APX from Uncle Mike’s. This holster is available in black only and will work with both right- and left-handed shooters. It is fully adjustable, which allows it to work with pistol mounted lights. Also, the holster can be worn on a duty belt.


UTG makes a wide range of inexpensive shooting products and offers a pair of holsters for this pistol. The first is an inexpensive shoulder holster. The rig has padded shoulders for ease of carrying during a long day. Also it has two spare magazine pouches in addition to the holster. The rig is available in four colors: black, OD green, Army digital camo and woodland digital camo.

UTG also makes a universal leg holster. These rigs are available in a variety of colors including black and digital woodland camo.

About the APX

The Beretta APX is a striker-fired pistol designed by the company for military and police work. In its initial offering, it will be a full size handgun and come in one of three calibers: 9mm, .40 S&W and 9×21. The gun was officially introduced at the International Defence Exhibition & Conference (IDEX) in February of 2015.

Beretta APX

Future guns based on this design may be developed in other calibers and frame sizes.

This handgun offers interchangeable backstraps to fit a wild variety of hand sizes. Additionally, it has a Picatinny-type accessory rail for the addition of lights, lasers and other shooting gear. Much like the Glock and Smith & Wesson M&P, the gun is simple in design and rugged.

Beretta is not the only company to introduce a new polymer frame handgun for military use in the past year. Heckler & Koch released the VP9 pistol about nine months before. That gun has proved to be wildly popular, and I suspect the APX will be equally well received.

Final Notes

As with all of my resource pages, please leave a comment below if you know of any company that is making gear for this gun. Also, make sure you check out my other holster pages for:

Last Update: October 19, 2022

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13 replies on “Comprehensive Beretta APX Holster List”

There are TONS of better holsters out there made specifically for the APX, including Alienwear, Safariland, and others. $30 will get a decent hybrid IWB and a Beretta brand OWB that is designed well is only $50. I am guessing this article is old. It certainly is not comprehensive. It could be a list for any full-size firearm as none of these seem specific to the APX. There was even a rebate deal recently where every APX came with 3 additional mags and a good OWB holster made by Beretta. I guess universal holsters are not terrible, but why go universal if there are nice custom holsters out there for a out the same money? In the end, your holster SHOULD be an expensive piece of kit… at least $50 in most cases. A high quality holster can be the difference between life and death, as money buys quality. If you want to avoid accidental discharges, weapon loss in a fight due to poor retention, gunk getting into the trigger well or barrel, excess printing, etc… spend a decent amount of money on a holster MADE for your firearm abd avoid universals if possible.

Think about it. Cheap holsters are cheap for a reason. Take, for example, the “quick and dirty.” For the money, it works well enough. It is not bulky, well made (there isn’t much to it to go wrong), and has the lowest print possible… But it offers ZERO moisture protection to the firearm nor cushions the firearm against your body. Enjoy the skin stamp of at least the dovetail and hammer. Depending on your girth, you will likely have an imprint of the entire firearm (sans trigger area) in red on your skin after a day of carrying it around like this. Never mind the fact that this means drawing the firearm might be really tough since your body will literally be in contact with the gun, and never mind that you will certainly have the barrel pointed into your flesh as you draw the firearm at some point… You will have to gouge your thumb into your side to get it around the firearm to draw it, so enjoy the flesh under your thmb nail and the probable bleeding gash in your side if you have to draw in a hurry. Hope that stinging cut doesn’t distract you as you deploy our gun.

OR you could just spend at least $50 on a holster MADE for your gun and not have ANY of these problems.

Just saying. As a guy who has bought many crap holsters trying to save a buck, I can certainly say that if I had just bought a single $90 Safariland in the first place, I would have never needed the other ones (which all add up to that cost anyway). Even a basic $30 Alienwear is better than most universals, offerning superior retention and protection.

Bought mine changed out to gray frame changed out the striker spring and guide rod to 20lb. I’m ready to go

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