Christmas Gift Ideas for Gun Owners and Hunters: 2016 Edition

Christmas Gifts for the Shooter

Ever find yourself stuck for a gift idea for that shooter or hunter in your life? You want to get them the perfect gift, but you aren’t sure about what they might want?

I can help.

I’ve been involved in the shooting sports and personal protection world for a long time, and I’ve assembled a range of gift ideas that will appeal to your special guy or gal.

As regular readers of know, I don’t pull any punches when it comes to product reviews. Only good quality gear appears on this list. That doesn’t mean everything is expensive, however. There are quite a few great bargains below.

Self-Defense and Concealed Carry

Christmas is not a time that people want to think about self-defense. However, a lot of families will use the opportunity to give a gift that can help a loved one stay alive and on the right side of the law. Here are a number of products that cover a range of prices.

Deadly Force: Understanding Your Right to Self Defense

Massad Ayoob bookAnyone who carries a firearm for personal protection should read this book by world famous trainer Massad Ayoob. Deadly Force: Understanding Your Right to Self Defense {review | buy on Amazon} is a book that clearly explains the legal concept of self-defense and the important information surrounding it.

If you have someone you care for that carries a firearm, please consider giving them this book as a Christmas gift. The knowledge that is inside can help him or her avoid a costly legal battle and a needless criminal conviction.

You can read more about this book in my review and buy it on Amazon.

Walther PPS M2

If you or someone you love is looking for a compact pistol for self-defense, one of my top recommendations is the PPS M2 from Walther {review | buy at Brownells}. This 9mm handgun is thin and light while also being extremely accurate and reliable.

Walther PPS M2 for Christmas

Typically, one would expect that a small gun would have a harsh recoil, but I found that not to be true with the PPS M2. The slide is easy to operate and with the included finger extension you can easily get a solid grip on the pistol.

This gun is a second generation of the PPS, and has a push button magazine release. My wife traded her Shield in for this pistol, and I am tempted to leave my Glock 43 in the safe and carry this as well.

Read my full review of the Walther PPS M2 here and purchase one from Brownells here.

Crimson Trace Laserguard for S&W Shield

crimson trace laserguard on shield

The Smith & Wesson Shield is possibly the most popular CCW gun on today’s market. If your special someone has one and would like to upgrade it, take a look at the special Laserguard and holster package from Crimson Trace [review | buy on Amazon}.

This Laserguard combines a daylight visible green laser with a bright white light into a single package that mounts to the trigger guard of the pistol. It really looks like part of the gun, and instinctively works with the shooter. As icing on the cake, Crimson Trace includes a Blade-Tech holster with the Laserguard whoever is receiving this gift can immediately put it to use.

shooting shield with ct laserguard

You can read my review on the Laserguard for the Shield here and select one from Amazon here.

Streamlight 1AAA Flashlight

Illumination is extremely important. From checking the interior of your car before getting in to finding your way out of an office building if the power goes out, having a flashlight can be a serious safety tool. But, you need one that is small enough to carry everywhere.

Streamlight ProTac 1AAA review

The Streamlight 1AAA flashlight {review | buy at Amazon} is one of the best values in small, high performance flashlights. In my testing of this light, I found it offered a great run time, a lot of light and was completely impact-resistant and waterproof. Plus, it is small enough that I could – and still do – carry it everywhere.

Check out my review of the Streamlight 1AAA here and buy one from Amazon here.

Long Guns

Rifles and shotguns, along with accessories for them, all fall under this category. Here are a few things to consider: both stocking stuffers and the “big” present.


If you have a significant other that would appreciate one of the hottest new rifles on the market, the SIG SAUER MPX Carbine {review | buy at Brownells} is it. Pistol caliber carbines are extremely popular right now, and SIG made this one the coolest number on the scene.

SIG MPX Carbine

These rifles have the functionality of an AR-15, but with the modularity of the MPX system. The collapsable stock makes this a very compact rifle that looks cool enough to have stepped out of a James Bond movie. The KeyMod hand guard up front cuts down on the weight of an accessory rail while adding incredible customization.

Does it sound like I love this rifle? Yep. You can read my full review of the SIG MPX 9mm carbine here and buy one at Brownells. I urge caution on this gun – it is very tough to find. If it still available when you click through, you should add it to your cart immediately before someone else grabs it.

Trijicon MRO

For a self-defense or combat optic suitable for both police use and home security, there are a handful of really good options. The Trijicon MRO {review | buy on Amazon} is one of these.

MRO red dot review

The MRO is a non-magnifying optic with a variable brightness red dot in the center. When a shooter brings the rifle up to shoot, the dot jumps into his or her vision allowing for very fast aiming of the gun. Wherever the dot falls, the bullet will go.

These sights are waterproof and shockproof. If the recipient wants a red dot, this one will make him or her very happy. Read my review of the MRO here and buy it at Amazon here.

AR15 Magazines

The most common point of failure in a semi-automatic firearm like the AR-15 is the magazine. Fortunately, magazines are inexpensive. In fact, due to the recent elections, there appears to be a surplus of AR magazines on the market, so they can be purchased at very good prices right now.

Magpul PMAG

One of my favorite magazines is the Magpul PMAG. These are polymer-bodied magazines with one of the best anti-tilt followers on the market. The Gen M2 magazine are priced the best {buy at Brownells} and are compatible with all standard AR-15 rifles. The Gen M3 magazines are compatible with all AR-15 rifles plus additional guns like the HK 416, SA-80 and others. These can be had with windows that show how many rounds remain in the magazine {buy at Brownells}.

Lancer magazine

For magazines that are even more durable, take a look at the Lancer Advanced Warfighter magazines {buy at Brownells}. These AR mags use steel feed lips with a polymer body. According to many people these are also the best magazines for AR rifles chambered for the 300 BLK cartridge.

Hoppe’s BoreSnakes

I used to hate cleaning my rifles. Then I purchased my first BoreSnake {buy on Amazon}. These great cleaning tools make cleaning the barrel of a gun super easy and cuts cleaning time down immensely.

Hoppes BoreSnake

What is a BoreSnake you ask? Think of a long, really soft and thick string. On one end it has a weighted brass end that you pull through the bore. An integral bore brush breaks carbon loose while the thick sock-like cord sweeps the residue clear. With a little bit of a CLP, the bore can be cleaned in just a few passes.

The BoreSnakes are available in a range of calibers for different kinds of guns. If you are buying for someone who owns a standard AR-15, pick a .22 caliber or .223 caliber BoreSnake – either of these will be the right size. You can pick these up on Amazon and the receiver of this gift will love you forever!

Hunting, Survival & Outdoors

Firearms for some are a hobby, while for many people they are merely a tool used in the real sport of hunting. Of course, hunting is not the only reason to go outdoors. Here are a range of products that will garner a smile from the hunter, hiker and camper in your life.

SIG SAUER Kilo850 Rangefinder


Let me be clear: a rangefinder can be the difference between bringing home meat and a story about the one that got away. When your loved one knows the precise distance between him- or herself and the animal he or she can ensure the perfect shot. That’s something that a guess at the range can’t reliably deliver.

The SIG SAUER Kilo850 {review | buy on Amazon} offer very clear glass, simple operation and a very fast ranging function. This 850 can accurately range a deer-sized target to 600 yards and reflective targets well beyond 1,000 yards. SIG built this unit with a 4x magnification factor to help precisely range targets that are far away.

Read my full review of the SIG KILO850 rangefinder here and buy one at Amazon here.

Midland E+Ready Emergency Crank Radio

midland noaa weather radio

Communication in the field is very important. For example, learning about a winter storm bearing down on you can save your life. A perfect solution for receiving warnings is the E+Ready Emergency Crank Radio from Midland. {review | buy on Amazon}

Built into the radio is an emergency alert system that will notify you when a dangerous weather event is predicted for your area. However, the unit does a lot more than just that. Powered by both solar and a hand crank, the radio also receives AM and FM stations, has a built in white light for illumination, includes an emergency whistle to alert search & rescue dogs and can charge other devices via a USB port.

In my testing, I found the weather channel reception was excellent and a single charge lasted a very long time. Check out my review of the E+Ready emergency radio here and pick one up at Amazon here.

Siberian Coolers

Ultra-efficient coolers have become quite popular with hunters and campers due to their ability to keep food and harvested meat very cool for a long period of time. One of the best choices I have found in this style of cooler are the Siberian Coolers.

Siberian Coolers

I have a Siberian Classic cooler {review | buy direct} that I absolutely love. The seal is very tight and the insulation is extremely efficient at keeping things cold. There are smaller models such as the Sidekick that are perfect for taking a lunch or small picnic in. Mine is larger and has rope-style handles that make picking it up easy for both one or two people.

I highly recommend these coolers. You can read my full review here and buy direct from the company here.


Ok, giving socks as a gift is sort of a joke in many families. However, good socks can vastly improve comfort when hunting or hiking.

wool sock

For cold weather, I highly recommend going with a liner sock and then a heavy warmth sock. For the base layer, I like a variety of options, but the Fox River Wick Dry liner sock uses CoolMax polyester to keep the foot dry. You can buy these on Amazon.

For my money, a wool sock is the way to go for the outer sock. Carhartt makes a great book sock called the Arctic Wool. These are mostly wool with just a bit of nylon and spandex for stretch and extra durability. As silly as it sounds, I like cold weather so I have an excuse to wear mine. You can grab yours for a gift on Amazon also.

Truglo Tac 1-6×24 Illuminated Reticle Scope

Truglo 1-6x24 scope for Christmas

Hunters know that some of the best opportunities come to take a buck or hog when the light is low: dawn and dusk. That’s one of the reasons why a good scope that gathers a lot of light is worth its weight in gold. Truglo offers a new scope that also adds an illuminated reticle, or aiming point, to ensure the shot will go where the hunter needs it to go.

This scope has both a red and green aiming point with variable brightnesses to match the lighting conditions. The scope comes with a monolithic mount – typically something you would have to purchase separately – and two precalibrated turrets for .223 (55 grain) and .308 (168 grain) bullets.

You can read more about the Truglo Tac 1-6×24 IR scope here and buy it at Amazon here.

CRKT Eat’n Tool

CRKT Eat'N Tool

What may be both the perfect stocking stuffer and camp utensil is the Eat’n Tool from CRKT {review | buy on Amazon}. This inexpensive eating utensil is kind of a fancy spork that includes a bottle opener, three hex wrenches and a carabiner. It is lightweight and compact making it a great part of any hunting or camping kit.

ACR PLB-375 ResQLink+

ACR ResQLink rescue

For anyone spending time away from civilization, having an emergency beacon is extremely important. The ACR PLB-375 ResQLink+ is an excellent device that uses satellites to notify rescue workers that you are in need of assistance. Even if you can’t walk or talk, you can activate this and help will be coming no matter where you are – including in the middle of the ocean.

You can take a look at other emergency beacons in my roundup here (including some that have two-way communication and mapping functions) and purchase this beacon on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Don’t get too wrapped up in finding the perfect gift, or with a feeling that you need to spend a lot of money. Presumably you are buying a gift for someone you love. Assuming they love you in return, your presence in their life is gift enough.

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