H&K MR762A1 Rifle

Heckler & Koch brought some new toys to Media Day 2012. The rifle that caught my attention the most was the new H&K MR762A1. This rifle is the 7.62 mm version modeled after the company’s MR556A1, which is chambered in 5.56 mm. This is the civilian model of the H&K 416 that was developed for military and law enforcement use.

HK MR762A1

The rifle sports the H&K gas piston system, ambidextrous features, and 10-round standard polymer magazines with the ability to accept the 20-round versions designed for the 416. The MR762A1 also offers a whole lot more.


Kahr CM40

Kahr CM40
The Kahr CM40 is a value-priced, concealed carry gun.

Introducing the Kahr CM40: a compact, and affordable, new pistol chambered in .40 S&W.  According to Kahr, the CM40 is an extension of the CM-series of pistols that was introduced in 2011.

The Kahr CM40 has a 3″ barrel and weighs less than 18 ounces with the magazine.  The pistols are thin:  only 0.94″ wide.

The magazines have flush fitting floorplates, and hold five rounds for a total capacity of six.  I would expect that Kahr will introduce an extended magazine that will hold six rounds (for a total of seven) later in the year, but that is pure speculation on my part.

The sights use the dot/bar configuration and are large enough for real use.


Dan Wesson Specialist 1911 Pitsol

Dan Wesson SpecialistThe Dan Wesson Specialist is another addition to the company’s 1911 line of pistols that I expect to be on display at the 2012 SHOT Show.  According to the Dan Wesson company, the Specialist is a full sized, single-action pistol that was designed for police departments and “special units” that carry a 1911-style pistol.

The pistol will be familiar to most any 1911 enthusiast, but it has a number of nice features that should appeal to anyone wanting a full sized handgun for self defense or duty carry.

The Specialist is chambered for the ubiquitous .45 ACP cartridge.  We can argue whether this round or that round is “better,” but no one will say the .45 won’t get the job done.  The magazines will hold eight rounds, and two mags come standard with the gun.


Hornady’s Ammo Plant – Home Edition!

Hornady is known for making great ammunition and some really nice reloading tools.  The Hornady Lock-N-Load presses and prep tools are widely regarded as being of excellent quality.  As we approach the new year, Hornady announced several new reloading products including the Lock-N-Load Ammo Plant.

Hornady already makes a progressive press called the Lock-N-Load AP press.  While Dillon Precision is considered “the” progressive press company, I have to admit that the Hornady AP press has been very tempting.  In the Ammo Plant package, Hornady gives you pretty much everything you need to fully automate the cartridge assembly process.  In fact, for the price, this package would be tough to beat.


2012 Media Day at the Range

2012 Media Day at the RangeEvery year, the day before the SHOT Show has been Media Day at the Range.  It is a chance for vendors and reporters from the firearms industry to meet at the range and get hands-on time with all of the new guns coming out in the new year.  It is at Media Day that I have gotten my hands on the first Ruger LCR revolvers, Gen 4 Glock pistols and some pretty trick stuff from Wilson Combat.

The 2012 Media Day at the Range promises to be even better than in the years past.  Previously, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (the organization that puts on the SHOT Show) has not been a participant at Media Day.  This year, however, the NSSF is throwing their weight behind the event.