SIG P938

The SIG P938 pistol has generated a lot of interest from shooters ever since word of it leaked in late 2011.  The P938 is a single-action-only handgun chambered in 9mm.

I can understand why this pistol would generate a lot of interest.  Essentially, the P938 is a 9mm version of the very popular SIG p238 handgun.  Talking with one of the SIG reps, he said that the pistol has the same look and feel of the P238, and it doesn’t feel much larger than the .380 ACP gun.  It is possible that many of the same holsters that fit the P238 will also work for the P938.

SIG P938

The SIG P938 will come in a variety of packages that have become standard across the classic SIG line including Equinox, Rosewood and Extreme.  Night sights are standard, with one option utilizing a TRUGLO tritium-fiber optic front sight.


New SIG P290 Trigger System

Sig Sauer P290The SIG SAUER P290 will have a new trigger system soon, according to Jeff Creamer, the company’s Director of Product Management.  Talking to Tom Gresham on the nationally syndicated radio show, GunTalk, Creamer said the new P290 trigger system will be a “true” double-action-only (DAO) system with a “second strike” capability.

The current generation of SIG P290 uses a trigger that is pre-cocked DAO instead of a traditional DAO.  According to Creamer, another benefit to the new trigger system is a lighter pull-weight:  7.5 pounds instead of about 9 pounds.  Nice.

The “second strike” capability allows the shooter to pull the trigger a second (or third, fourth or fifth) time if the gun fails to fire.  With many semi-auto firearms, pulling the trigger a second time will never fire the weapon, because the gun did not cycle causing the firing system to reset.  With a trigger system like what will be in the new P290, pulling the trigger resets the firing system and allows the firing pin another whack at the ammunition.


Beretta Nano

In August 2011, unofficial word leaked out that Beretta was jumping into the subcompact gun market with the Nano pistol. In September of the same year, Beretta officially announced the new handgun.  Since that time, there have been more than one Beretta Nano review, updates to the product line and even some torture testing.  In this article, we will provide you with all of the latest information on the little handgun.

Beretta Nano photo

General Information and Specifications

The Beretta Nano is a striker-fired, 9mm pistol with a polymer frame.  The magazine holds six for a total of seven rounds.  The guns are completely made in the United States.

As of the time of this writing, the Nano is not available in any caliber other than 9mm.  However, that may change in the future.  While the company will not discuss future plans with regards to caliber, I can’t help but thinking a .40 caliber Nano would be a good selling handgun for the company.

The Nano uses a modular chasis, similar to that of the SIG SAUER P250.  The chasis is the “firearm” part of the gun, meaning that you could buy multiple sizes of grip frames without going through an FFL.  Depending on which frame you wanted to use, you would merely drop the chasis into the frame and head off to the range.

It is unknown if Beretta will eventually make different sized frames to match the varied hand sizes of shooters.  However, Beretta has introduced a variety of frame colors that would allow you to change the gun to reflect your mood, attire or other whim.  More on that later in the article.  For now, being able to remove the internal chasis is simply a way to make detail cleaning easier.

This Beretta has several nice features not typically found on subcompact guns.  For example, the magazine release button is reversible.  This allows the owner to move the release to the right-hand side of the frame for easier shooting if he or she is a south paw.  The release is not ambidextrous, meaning that it can only be used on one side of the gun at a time.

In many subcompact pistols, the sights are minuscule and hard to use.  Adjusting them is difficult at best with some companies’ guns.  The Nano, however, has low profile, but very useable sights in a three-dot configuration.  Additionally, the sights are easily adjustable using a hex wrench only – no gunsmith or cumbersome sight pushing tools needed.  This adjustment method is a jump ahead of many full sized pistols.


SIG P210: Back in the USA

The SIG Sauer P210 Legend pistol.

The SIG P210 is possibly one of the finest 9mm handguns ever to have been made, and it is once again available in the US.  The guns, made in Germany, have not been available in the United States for a number of years.  SIG Sauer makes several different versions of the pistol, including the standard Legend and a target version of the Legend.

The P210 uses a slide made of solid billet steel that is finished in the standard SIG Nitron finish.  The gun uses a manual safety and a drop safety to enhance the safe operation of the pistol.  The gun also uses fine wood grips.  The accuracy and ease of shooting these guns is legendary.  Make sure you check out the original press release from SIG Sauer below.

The original press release on the SIG Sauer P210 Legend re-introduction into the United States of America

Original Article from 2010

The SIG Sauer P210 may be coming to a dealer near you.  Arguably one of the best pistols made in the 20th century, the Swiss Army P210 has been relaunched by SIG Sauer in Europe as the P210 Legend.

SIG P210 Legend Target
The SIG P210 Legend Target handgun.

Details are still relatively few, but some specs are available from the European SIG Sauer web site.  Like the original, the P210 will be available in 9mm.  The barrel length is 4 3/4″ (approximately), and the single action trigger pull is about 3.4 pounds.

The big question…Will the SIG P210 be imported to the USA?

Quite possibly.  Rumors say SIG Sauer will introduce the pistol to the American market at the 2011 SHOT Show.  Other rumors say SIG won’t wait that long.  I’ve made a few inquiries, but have not gotten anything to confirm, or deny, these rumors.

Stay tuned.

SIG P210 Legend Super
SIG P210 Legend Super

Features include:

  • beaver tail
  • American-style magazine release
  • internal drop safety
  • manual safety

Dan Wesson Guardian 1911 Pistol

danwesson_guardian_03aCZ revamped the Dan Wesson 1911 line, and were showing off the new pistols at the 2010 SHOT Show.  The Dan Wesson Guardian was one example.

The Guardian is a commander-sized 1911 pistol chambered in 9mm.  The forged alloy frame has a black “duty” finish, which is the same finish as what is on the Valor handguns mad by CZ.  The rear of the grip is bob-tailed making it easier to conceal.

The sights are fixed tritium three-dot.  The rear sight is ramped so it is less likely to snag on any clothing when it is drawn from behind a jacket or under a shirt.  I prefer to have a hard edge instead of a ramp so I can use it to perform one-handed malfunction drills and reloads more easily.

The Guardian felt good in the hand, and it balanced well.  It is a touch heavier than similar sized, polymer framed pistols from competitors, but that extra weight should make the 9mm recoil darn-near non-existent.  Weight is listed as 1.8 pounds (about 28.8 ounces).