Charter Arms Rimless Revolver

Charter Arms Pitbull revolver

The Charter Arms Rimless Revolver (CARR) took a long time to get to market. There were a number of false starts and premature press releases. However, the revolver that takes rimless cartridges without the need for moon clips finally did make the market in 2012 – almost four years after the first announcement.

The final product was the Charter Arms Pitbull. Although we were promised a .45 ACP version also, the gun is only available in 9mm and .40 S&W. Read more about the new guns here.


Beretta Px4 Storm Sub-Compact Pistol

It seems like every firearms company is solidly in the striker-fired camp. Beretta is one of the few that continues to find value in the hammer-fired pistol world.

Case in point: the Px4 Storm Subcompact. Introduced more than a decade ago, the handgun continues to be a staple in the Beretta catalog.

Why? Well, some of the reasons are obvious while others are a bit more subtle. So, let’s take a look at the Px4 Subcompact and review the features this gun offers.

Px4 Subcompact

Released in 2008, the Beretta Px4 Storm sub-compact pistol is a polymer-framed, hammer-fired handgun that has earned a very good reputation in the self-defense and law enforcement communities.

right side view of beretta px4 storm sc

Any shooter familiar with the larger pistols in the Px4 Storm line will recognize this pistol’s styling and operation.

However, there is a significant difference between the subcompact and larger Px4 pistols. Beretta designed the Px4 with a rotary barrel lock up. Due to the compact size of the Px4 Subcompact, this model uses a til barrel lockup common to other pistols like the Glock 43 and Smith & Wesson M&P Shield.

slide locked back on px4 storm sc

Originally, the Px4 Storm could be had with one of four different trigger types, designated by Beretta as F, G, D and C trigger options. Currently, the company trimmed the options down to one: the F.

This trigger option is the traditional double-action/single-action (DA/SA) pull with a slide-mounted de-cocker. The de-cocker can also serve as a manual safety and is ambidextrous.

field stripping the Px4 Subcompact

The following video from Beretta reviews the subcompact pistol along with the other models in the Px4 line:

The pistol was designed to be friendly to left-handed shooters. In addition to the ambidextrous safety, the gun has a reversible magazine release button.

Since the day it was introduced, the Px4 sub-compact pistol is available in both 9mm and .40 S&W versions. Although a pistol chambered in 45 ACP has been rumored, none have ever been offered by Beretta.

Px4 SubCompact with Backstraps

The Px4 comes with three different sized backstraps. A shooter can easily swap them out to find the best sized for his or her hand.

Also to help fit the shooter’s hand is a unique magazine baseplate feature that Beretta calls the Snap-Grip. As with many sub-compact pistols, the gun’s grip is relatively short. However, the front portion of the magazine base plate can be snapped down, giving the shooter additional gripping surface.

When not shooting, the extension can be snapped back up, providing for a smaller profile for concealed carry.

What my Px4 Subcompact came with

A short Picatinny rail is molded into the underside of the pistol’s frame. This allows the shooter to add a white light or laser to the Beretta Px4 Storm sub-compact pistol.


Here are the specs on the Beretta Px4 Storm Subcompact:

Caliber.40 S&W9mm
Standard Magazine Capacity1013
Barrel Length3.0″3.0″
Overall Length6.22″6.22″
Weight (unloaded)26.1 oz26.1 oz
MSRP (2008)$575$575
MSRP (2021)$650$650

Last update: June 3, 2021

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