New CCI Quiet-22 Ammo

CCI Quiet-22 ammoCCI is bringing out a new .22 LR cartridge called the Quiet-22.  The new rimfire round will be a low velocity round designed specifically to produce less noise when compared to a standard velocity 22 LR cartridge.  CCI claims a 75% reduction in noise.

The Quiet-22 uses a 40 grain round nose bullet and creeps along at only 710 fps.  This cartridge will function perfectly fine in any single shot or bolt action gun.  According to CCI, the round will also perform well in semi-auto firearms, though manual cycling may be required due to the low velocity.

So, why would anyone want a really slow, really quiet .22 LR cartridge?  I can think of a couple of reasons.  You may think of more.


CCI Segmented Hollow-Point Available in .22 WMR and .22 LR

If you are looking for the ultimate in incapacitation in a .22 LR load, take a look at the segmented hollow point loads from CCI.

A segmented hollow point is a bullet design with pre-scored fracture points.  This will allow the bullet to break into several smaller projectiles when striking a target.  Each of the smaller fragments creates its own wound channel, and presumably will more quickly incapacitate the animal struck.

The CCI segmented hollow point bullet design is likely an extension of the work done by famed bullet designer Tom Burczynski.  Burczynski developed a bullet called QuikShok which used a similar concept that split a single bullet into three or more segments when hitting the target.  It was an unconventional design, but many people said testing in ballistic gelatin and other media was impressive.

When the line was introduced in 2008, there were two .22 LR loads and a single .22 WMR load.  Since that time, CCI dropped the .22 WMR load and added another .22 LR load.  The most recent load is part of the company’s Quiet line that claims to reduce noise by 75%.  The loudness is so reduced, CCI claims no hearing protection is needed when shooting the Quiet-22 segmented HP ammo.

CCI Segmented Hollow Point Ammo

 bullet weightvelocity
.22 LR 32 grain1640 fps
.22 LR40 grain1050 fps
.22 LR (Quiet-22)40 grain710 fps
.22 WMRdiscontinueddiscontinued

As you can see in the above table, two of the three loads are subsonic and should work very well with a sound suppressor.  For the discrete removal of varmints and pests, either of these loads should work very well in a suppressed firearm.  The Quiet 22 load may not generate enough energy to reliably cycle a semi-automatic gun, but it would clearly be the most quiet choice.

The ammo is sold in 50 round packages and carries a premium when compared to the pricing of standard .22 LR ammo.  However, it is still significantly cheaper than centerfire ammo, and can give you great performance.