Diamond SWAT 12 Shotgun

Diamond SWAT 12 shotgun

Turkish manufacturer Matsan A.S. showed off the new Diamond SWAT 12 shotgun at the IWA Outdoor Classics exposition in Germany. IWA is similar to the SHOT Show that is held annually in the United States.

Quite a few Turkish shotguns come into the US market through various distributors, and in some cases, branded with a US manufacturer’s name. So, I suspect that we will see these in this country – assuming they can muster BATFE approval.* (see more on shotgun importation below)

The new shotgun is a tactical-style, semi-automatic gun that uses a detachable box magazine. Both 5- and 10-round magazines are available for these guns. The magazine latch is at the rear of the magwell. The action is gas operated.