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The New Rogers’ Rail Lite from Safariland

Rogers Rail Lite

Safariland announced the introduction of a new light attachment for pistols called the Rogers’ Rail Lite.  The system uses a Streamlight Microstream flashlight with the rail, and the total package has a very affordable MSRP of $48.  There are a number of things that I like, and do not like, about this system.

Shooting Gear

ElZetta ZRX Flashlight Mount

ElZetta ZRX

[Ed. note:  This is an introduction to the ElZetta ZRX flashlight mount from our experience with it at the 2013 SHOT Show.  When we get one to test (on order already), we will have a full review here.]

Over the last couple of years we have come to know ElZetta as an innovative company that offers solutions to fill the voids sometimes left by other manufacturers.  Sitting in a smaller booth on the basement floor of the SHOT Show, it would be easy to miss them in the mass of smaller vendors downstairs.  Thankfully we picked up on their offerings and have found the reps to be more than helpful in showing off their gear.

This year I stopped by the booth and took a look at one of the newest flashlight mounts ElZetta is offering – the ZRX.  ElZetta rep, Dave Barnett walked me through the specifics.  This flashlight mount combines hard anodized aluminum clamp rings with a polymer body that makes the ZRX extremely light weight at only 1.1 oz.

Shooting Gear

Kel-Tec CL-43 Flashlight

Kel-Tec CL-43 flashlight

Kel-Tec is jumping into the flashlight game with the introduction of the unique CL-43.

The CL-43 definitely stands out from the crowd, by the use of a switching system that is backward when compared to many traditional lights.  The activation switch faces toward the target, and to activate the light, the user presses toward the back of the light.

The idea is the light can be extended out in an instinctive way and activated in a manner similar to simply closing one’s fist.  I don’t know if this design offers a superior way of using a while light in a stress environment, but the idea is intriguing.

Kel-Tec CL-43 flashlight tan

Kel-Tec claims the design of the flashlight “makes it possible to hold and operate parallel with a handgun without impairing a conventional two handed hold.”  Additionally, the company states “If required, and with some training, the light can be operated one-handed together with the gun.”

The switch has both a constant and momentary on mode.


Surefire Rechargeable 123A Batteries

There are a lot of white lights, lasers and illuminated optics on the market that use the small, powerful 123A batteries.  These batteries work great, but they tend to be expensive.

Surefire is now offering a rechargeable 123A battery kit.  The kit includes two rechargeable batteries, the charging unit and power adapters for both home (110v AC) and the car (12v DC).  MSRP on the kit is $29 and additional batteries can be bought for $12/pair.

Surefire Rechargeable 123A batteries

Rechargeable 123A batteries can be used hundreds of times, offering a significant cost savings over their lifetime.  However, the rechargeable batteries do not hold as powerful a charge, meaning that runtime is only about 50% of the normal runtime on typical non-rechargeable 123A batteries.

Shooting Gear

INFORCE WML Weapon Light

INFORCE is making a weapon mounted flashlight that has a much sleeker look that many of the other options on the market.  The INFORCE WML design eliminates the need for tape switches and wires.  No wires or tape switches mean the decreased likelihood that something will get hung up on your rifle impairing your ability to deploy it.

INFORCE WML flashlight

The INFORCE light has an attachment system for mounting on any 1913 rail system (no tools needed), and the batteries can be replaced while the light is mounted.  Replacing the batteries while the unit is still mounted is a nice feature.

The activation switch is angled and has a safety lock-out lever to prevent accidental activation when you don’t want to be seen.  This is a really great feature for anyone carrying arms for defense of self or country.

The light throws 125 lumens of light and is said to have a “tight beam.”  A peak candela measurement is not given. Light modes include momentary and constant, strobe and a low power setting.  Run time is rated at two hours on a single 123A battery.