New FN15 Rifles for 2015

New FN15 for 2015

For 2015, FNH USA will introduce a number of new FN 15 rifles at the SHOT Show.

There will be five new models introduced:

  • Tactical Carbine,
  • Sporting Rifle,
  • Patrol Carbine,
  • MOE SLG and
  • Designated Marksman Rifle.

As you can see, the new guns will target different segments of the modern sporting rifle market. Some are geared toward law enforcement, while others toward competition. All of them would be good for the average citizen looking for a high-quality AR-15 rifle.

Let’s take a look at the new rifles…


The “New” FN15 Rifles


FNH USA, a division of FN Herstal of Belgium, is no stranger to high quality firearms. They have also produced some of the finest military weapons and weapons systems that are currently on the front lines of today’s battle for freedom with dozens of countries, including the United States.

For years FNH has impressed with the FN SCAR, FN TSR precision rifles, and FN series of pistols. The FN P90 and FN FiveSeveN pistol were incredible designs and technological advancements when released. So when FNH announced their jump into the AR-15 market, there was quite a stir, as one could imagine.


FN 15 Rifles and Carbines for 2014

FN-15 logoFN-USA will introduce AR-15 style rifles at the SHOT Show according to an article published in the January edition of SHOT Business.  The new guns will come in two configurations: rifle and carbine.  I mentioned this as a possibility for the 2014 SHOT Show in a new gun rumor article earlier in the month.

According to SHOT Business, the rifle will have a 20″ chrome-lined barrel, A2 front sight, A4 removable rear sight/carry handle and a fixed buttstock.  It will be chambered for the 5.56 NATO and the barrel will have a 1:7″ twist.