Hornady Heavy Magnum Coyote Shotshell Ammo

Hornady Heavy Magnum CoyoteLooking for a 50-yard shotshell specifically designed to take coyote?  Consider the brand new Heavy Magnum Coyote load from Hornady.

The new Heavy Magnum Coyote load is a 3″ Magnum shell loaded with 1.5 ounces of 00-buck or BB shot.  The shot is lead with nickel-plating.  From the muzzle, these loads are making 1300 fps.  Expect that they might kick a little bit.

Hornady claims these loads are good to 50 yards as they use a special Versatite wad that provides tighter patterns at longer distances.  Several other manufacturers are also making shotshell loads that estimate good patterns up to 70 yards.  These are all a lot better than the 25+ yards I am used to with “standard” 00-buck loads.

I’ve never hunted coyote, much less done so with a shotgun.  Assuming there are no hunting restrictions, I would think an AR chambered in .223 would be an excellent coyote gun.  However, I see no reason why this load wouldn’t be deadly effective on them as well.  If the patterns hold to 50 yards, that’s a darn fine load.

Hornady coyote shotshellHornady makes special mention that this load is an economical choice when compared to tungsten options.  I presume the cost on these is roughly the same as other premium hunting ammo, but I do not have any MSRP information currently.  By way of comparison, a box of 10 Hevi-Shot Dead Coyote shells goes for $41.99 at Midway USA.  Midway also has the Winchester Xtended Range coyote shells priced at $15.29 for a box of five.  So, I would guess Hornady may try to bring these in under $10/box.

Currently, there aren’t a lot of choices on the market for coyote-specific ammunition.  In addition to the Hevi-Shot and Winchester loads mentioned above, Federal also makes a coyote load.  Coyote loads for the 12 gauge definitely seem to be a small niche, and it is interesting that Hornady is jumping into this market.  Presumably, the cost of manufacturing isn’t too bad, but developing the loads has to take a significant amount of man-hours.