Friday Gun News

Cabelas Gift CardHere is a quick round-up of recent gun news…

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Another Acquisition 

Bullet and ammunition manufacturer Nosler finalized a deal to purchase Silver State Armory (SSA).  SSA makes high quality ammunition for hunting, law enforcement and the military.  I met the guys from SSA several years ago at the SHOT Show, and was impressed by the staff and their products.  Nosler is known for high quality, so hopefully this will be a good deal for not just Nosler and SSA, but for consumers also.


Nosler Defense Ammo

Nosler Defense Ammo

Bullet and ammunition manufacturer Nosler will introduce a new line of handgun and rifle self-defense ammunition at the 2013 SHOT Show next week.  The Nosler Defense ammo will come in seven loads: one in .223 Remington and the remaining six across the three most popular handgun cartridges:  9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP.

There will be two offerings from Nosler in each of the handgun calibers.  One offering will be a traditional Bonded Performance hollowpoint, while the second load will be a polymer-tipped Bonded Performance hollowpoint.  Deeper penetration and better performance through intermediate barriers are two of the reasons so many self-defense bullet designs use a core that has been bonded to the jacket.  The polymer tip help prevents the clogging of the hollowpoint, while also helping to ensure bullet expansion.