New Remington Rifle for 2013 Revealed: the 783

Remington 783 new rifle for 2013

I’m not sure if they jumped the gun, but a number of online gun shops are now listing the new Remington rifle for 2013:  the model 783.  The new bolt-action rifle appears to be a budget gun, sitting above the 770 and below the 700.  (Read the Remington 783 review here.)

The new rifle has a two position safety and an adjustable trigger.  The trigger has an appearance that is very similar to the AccuTrigger from Savage. That is to say there is a lever “switch” in the center of the trigger face.  This style of trigger seems to be growing in popularity as Mossberg and Marlin both have these kinds of triggers on some of their guns.  It is a bit funny to me considering how much grief Glock got from some people back in the 80’s for a similar trigger safety on their pistols.


Industry News Roundup

TAPCO AR-15 Magazine
TAPCO AR-15 Magazine

Days before the NASGW Expo, news is starting to move at a much faster pace including announcements of new guns, shooting gear and even corporate acquisitions.  Here are a few of the things that are leaking out ahead of this week’s show.

Remington Arms acquires TAPCO

The Remington Arms Company picked up gun accessory maker TAPCO, expanding the company’s reach throughout the shooting market.  TAPCO manufactures a wide range of firearm parts, mainly for rifles.  I know a lot of people that have relied on their replacement AK and SKS parts to ensure 922r compliance.


Remington HD Ultimate Home Defense Ammunition

Remington announced a new line of ammunition for home defense: the HD Ultimate Home Defense ammunition.  Announced at the 2010 SHOT Show, the new ammunition is available for both handguns and shotguns in a variety of popular calibers.


The bullets in the handgun ammunition are based on the tried and true brass-jacketed hollow points that Remington made famous with their successful line of Golden Saber ammunition.  Remington claims the bullets offer “massive expansion” and “deep penetration.”  The cases are nickel-plated.

Handgun loads are available for the most popular handgun defensive calibers:  9mm, .380 ACP, .38 Special +P, .40 S&W and .45 ACP.  Less popular calibers, such as .357 SIG and .327 Magnum, are not mentioned in the press release.  Remington reps at the show told me that customer demand drives many of the decisions on what new calibers to introduce.  So, if there is a lot of demand for a new caliber – 9mm Makarov, for example – the company will attempt to meet that demand.


Remington RF-05 Hunting Boots

Remington RF05 Hunting Boots Review

Need a pair of hunting boots?  Take a look at this review of the Remington RF-05 hunting boots.  These Remington boots are an all-purpose 8″ leather hunting boot. The RF-05 has a Max-Dri waterproof liner, making these boots a good choice in all weather conditions.

Radians, who manufactures these boots under license, sent me a pair of  these boots for review.  When I first pulled this pair of boots out of the box, I was immediately impressed by the look and style of them. The leather has a rich brown color, and a pleasant feel.

The boots were comfortable to put on, and sized correctly.  I wear a 10 1/2, and these fit exactly right.  With a thicker winter sock, I would suggest looking at a 1/2 size larger boot.

Remington boots

The laces seem a little thinner than other boot laces, but they seemed strong enough for regular use in the field.  The upper part of the boots had speed lace loops, allowing for easy lacing up and removing of the boots.

Wearing the boots in the field, I found them to be comfortable with very little break in needed.  The soles gave very good support.

Additionally, the ankle support was excellent.  I have the awful tendency to ‘roll’ my ankles.  These Remington RF-05 boots fully supported my ankles, and I had no problems while wearing these in the woods.

review of hunting boots with waterproof liner

The waterproof liner worked as advertised.  I found a few puddles to stand in, and the water never got to my feet.  If you have ever been in the field with wet feet, you know how miserable that can quickly become.  I rarely wear any boots into the woods that are not waterproof for that reason.

Overall, I really liked these boots.  They look good and are comfortable to wear.  As a general purpose hunting or field boot, I think they are worth a look. They would certainly go well with the Field & Stream HydroProof gear that Aaron reviewed here. The suggested retail price of the Remington RF-05 is $129.99.

review of the Remington RF05 hunting boots

(Ed. note: This review was written in 2009. Since then, these boots have been discontinued. I’d also like to think that my writing has improved since then.

For what it is worth, I still own these boots. They continue to look and wear great.)

Ammunition Rifles

Remington 597 Rifles and .17 HMR Ammunition Recall

remington_logoRemington Arms Co. has announced a major rifle recall, and a serious warning on .17 HMR ammunition.  Remington is immediately recalling all of the Model 597 rifles chambered for the .17 HMR.  Remington is not offering any repairs, rather they are issuing coupons of $200-250 for a replacement Remington rifle and refunding the shipping costs of sending the rifle back.

Additionally, Remington announced that their .17 HMR ammunition is not to be used in semi-auto firearms.  Stating that the use of Remington .17 HMR ammunition in a semi-auto firearm “…could result in property damage or serious personal injury.”  People wanting to return the ammo will be issued $10 coupons for each box of 50 they return.