Ruger’s New Tactical Mini-14

Ruger Mini-14 Tactical Rifle

A few days ago, a photo leaked of a possible new tactical version of the Ruger Mini-14.  At the time, I stated that it looked like a Mini-14 with the ATI stock on it.  Well, that is exactly what it is.

Ruger was showing the “new” Mini-14 at the 2009 Media Day at the Range.  According to the Ruger rep, ATI is manufacturing the Strikeforce stock with the Ruger emblem and shipping them to Ruger, where the Mini-14 is assembled and shipped to dealers.  According to the rep, that’s it: no other new features or items that you wouldn’t get by ordering your own ATI Strikeforce stock and putting it onto a Runger Mini-14.

The Mini-14/20CF is finished in matte black and fitted with the ATI stock.  This stock has a quad rail fore and an adjustable, side-folding buttstock.  It is a nice set-up and feels solid.  The folks at Ruger say these are already shipping and are already on some dealers shelves.  The MSRP is $872.


Ruger to Unveil a Show-Stopper at the 2009 SHOT Show?

Ruger logoIn recent years, Sturm, Ruger & Co. have deviated from the larger, bulkier pistols they were known for and have been producing slimmer and smaller pistols such as the SR-9 and the LCP.  The SR-9 has achieved moderate success, while the Ruger LCP has been an undeniable sensation.

The question is: What will Ruger introduce at the SHOT Show?

Michael Bane has made several comments about some new firearms he has seen that will be announced at SHOT.  Bane even went so far as to refer to Ruger in his Christmas Eve podcast as the “Makers of the product that is going to absolutely, stone-cold, rock the 2009 SHOT Show in Orlando.”  That is a pretty strong statement.

Back in November, Massad Ayoob suggested that Ruger may be introducing an SP101 revolver with an alloy frame chambered in .38 Special.  While I think this would be a profitable gun for Ruger to bring to market, would it be the gun that “rocks” the SHOT Show.  I don’t think so.  After all, several other manufacturers already make lightweight .38 revolvers.

What would excite the public?  How about a 9mm LCP.  There are a lot of people that really like the LCP, but dislike the .380 ACP cartridge.  In my opinion, a LCP chambered for the 9×19 cartridge would be a big hit.  Enough to “rock” the SHOT Show?  Maybe.

How about a completely new Mini-14?  Something along the lines of a Kel-Tec SU-16, maybe.  Think of a Mini-14 that would be completely synthetic and stainless, that folds up nicely into a compact size, that can be marketed as a survival tool.  The SU-16’s are popular, but imagine the same gun with the Ruger name and Mini-14 heritage attached to it.  It might be a winning product.  And lets face it…anything .223 is selling right now.

I do not believe that Ruger will be announcing a new full-sized pistol that would cut into the SR9 market.  I also can’t see a new 10-22 being terribly revolutionary.  I expect that the “show-stopper” Bane has predicted is coming from the concealed carry market or the black rifle market.

Regardless, stay tuned.  I will bring you all of the new product announcements from the SHOT show.

Update: The gun was the Ruger LCR. I don’t know if it was quite the show stopper that Bane claimed, but it certainly was popular.